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About the end...

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You're complaining about the 3 Martys, but if the space time continuum is tearing apart like Doc said, it's "logical" that all the timelines are crushing together no? So all the timelines are joined together in one, which is why the continuum is tearing apart. This is not totally illogical for me, but it's really a disaster. What's your point of view?

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  • @Marty Mcfly III said: But the Deloreon that did vanish was a temporal duplicate too and that one vanished.

    Truth be told, the trilogy was never really consistent about alternate timelines, and how long should it take for someone/something to get erased, and which VERSION should get erased...which I suppose is excusable because it was never planned as a trilogy in the first place...

    In the first film, things were comparitively simpler and sort off consistent...Marty prevents his parent's first meeting and so creates what should logically progress into an alternate timeline where he and his siblings are never born...however because he is in the past, and from his POV, the 'critical' event that will determine his future existence (i.e. George and Lorraine's kiss on the dance floor) is in the future (which is not 'written') there is still a possibility that he will exist, so he doesn't fade out instantly...but each moment he draws closer to the 'critical event' the probability of his and his siblings existence decreases (represented by the fading photograph), and if on November 12th, he is unable to get George and Lorraine to kiss, his existence becomes impossible (its probability is 0) and he is erased. It made sense, within the convoluted movie logic at least.

    But with BTTF2, the two Bobs went with a far more complex time travel plot, and decided to go beyond the mere possibility of an alternate timeline which was just threatened in the first film, to actually HAVING an alternate timeline where Marty and Doc's history as they know it has been screwed over, by the logic of BTTF1, Marty and Doc should have faded from existence right there in 2015 along with Old Biff...their existence in their present form was impossible, because it was impossible in this timeline for both of them to even be present in 2015 (as the time machine wasn't invented) and they were way past the 'critical event' (whatever it was) which would have determined their fates...however, in order for there to be a plot, ti was decided that the timeline transformed around them and they were immune to the ripple effect by virtue of being outside their own time. However, when they return to 1985, they're in their own time, and by that logic, they should be erased...but they're not, so we're led to assume that the ripple effect doesn't catch up with them. So Marty and Doc spend something like 5-6 hours in a timeline they are not supposed to exist it, WAY past the so-called 'critical events' that determined their fate...okay, even if we claim that they shouldn't have faded because they're alive in this timeline, then why are the 'normal 1985' versions of them still around? Shouldn't they have faded/transformed into their 1985-A counterparts? If you assume there were no doubles in 1985-A, why did the 1985-A versions get erased, if they belonged to this timeline, as opposed to the normal 1985 versions who didn't belong? If you assume there were doubles, again, why should the anomalies from a previous timeline remain? And forget about Marty and Doc, why hasn't the DELOREAN faded because it most certainly has prevented its own existence? This is where the disconnect between how the ripple effect is depicted in BTTF1 and in BTTF2 comes about.

    And the Game takes this even further...normal timeline Doc fades from existence as soon as he returns to his own time (i.e. 1986) because he is now past the 'critical event' (i.e. going to watch Frankenstien) that determined his fate and is no longer immune to the ripple effect. As per the logic of BTTF2, Doc should have been able to exist for a while, alongside normal Marty, in the FCB timeline, alongside the Citizen Brown version. Instead, he disappears and is 'replaced' by FCB Doc. By that logic, Marty too should have disappeared and been replaced by his FCB counterpart. Instead, he exists alongside his FCB counterpart and at no point seems to be in danger of fading from existance...why should the ripple effect work differently for Marty and Doc?

    So really, from BTTF2 onwards, the space-time continuum has been increasingly chaotic with regards to shifting timelines and erasures...with the ripple effect working differently in different scenarios.

  • @Marty Mcfly III said: But the Deloreon that did vanish was a temporal duplicate too and that one vanished.

    It vanished because it was temporally synced up with Doc's DeLorean.

  • @sn939 said: Truth be told, the trilogy was never really consistent about alternate timelines, and how long should it take for someone/something to get erased, and which VERSION should get erased...which I suppose is excusable because it was never planned as a trilogy in the first place...

    This. And I don't think the physics of the BTTF trilogy and game are consistent at all. You can poke holes in any explanation.

    They clearly had the future Marty's show up just for the hell of it.

  • I had a crazy thought on the 18 hour drive from Florida to Texas (traveled backwards 1 hour in time, it's like "time travel!") about why Marty didn't faint/why the universe didn't explode when he came into contact with the other 3 Martys from the future (the ones MJF played.)

    Bear with me guys.....what if none of those guys were actually Marty?

    When Jennifer met herself in 2015, she fainted. When Doc interacted with himself in 1955, he freaked out and made no direct contact with himself, i.e., no eye contact like Jennifer, ect.

    When the 3 Martys were yelling and bickering at the end of BTTF:TG, the first Marty definitely got a good look at "present day" Marty, and they definitely were in contact with each other and conversing...thus...maybe they weren't Marty, but 3 other villains who got a hold of time travelling DeLoreans and went back in time to try to....erase some future McFlys and Browns from existence?

    I dunno, it's a fun notion to entertain, and probably so far off the mark, more likely than not it's just a nod to the original film with a Telltale twist but....I've seen others trying to decipher it too. Thought I'd throw my .02 in there. XD

  • To be shocked it involves the element of surprise. In the 1955 Doc encounter you speak of, the older doc is not worried about his present self but rather his younger self whom would probably have a huge shock as he is well aware he will eventually invent time travel and does know what he'll look like as an old man and thus likely would likely realize he is seeing himself and being shocked.

    Jennifer is in the future and thus realizes she is seeing herself.

    Biff has no problem with his other self because old biff is specifically looking for his younger self while young biff has no clue he is seeing his older self.

    I'm thinking by this point marty is completely prepared for if not expecting visits from the future especially since he saw the delorean.

  • Yeah I think the martys are all just familiar with time travel.

  • This is a funny ending but now Telltale has to resolve this in the next game.

  • Sorry but the idea of Kid and Edna getting togther seems extremely unlikely

    1.Edna burned down Kid's Speakesy and tried to burn down another one of his
    2. Edna hates alcohol enough to burn down its establishments, why would she get together with someone who makes them?
    3. Kid tried to kill Edna, why would she want to get married to him?

    think of anymore reasons?

  • It would make Biff a relative to Principal Strickland.

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    I just edited your thread title, so people who haven't finished the game yet won't get spoiled scrolling through the forum. :)

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