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Sam & Max Season 3 episode 2

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Hi there. I've been following a walkthrough to make it through this game more lately.
Let me copy a part of it at where I am currently, just to let you get a grip of where in the story.

"Make your way to the green car. Enter
the moles' compartment and then exit it again. This will trigger a conversation
between the two moles. Activate the can o' nuts power.

While Jergen and the mole girl are stalling in their conversation, use
Maximus's ventriloquist dummy. First use it on Jergen, and choose all three
options available to you. Now choose the mole girl. Again use all four options,
but leave "The Vampire reverse-curse" until last. After choosing one of the
next four options, Jergen will stop the conversation immediately. You will
still have to choose all four options, but you have to go through the rigmarole
of getting to this position again, so it does get slightly repetitive. Leave
"It's in the sarcophagus!" until last, as that is the right answer."

Okay, so I follow the instructions but when I'm supposed to chose the "The Vampire reverse-curse" option, it is not there. It's not avaible to choose.

I would like to know how I should act to get it there, or something.
Worth to tell you guys is that I'm done with the first two reels. So I can't get back to them to change anything in the story.

Oh and this is the walkthrough I'm playing by:
I'm on the 9th part.

Thank you A LOT in advance <3

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