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Worth Watching TV Shows

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So, you probably know that it's "off-season" for most (all?) of the currently running shows. That's why I want to hear some good shows, that I might not be aware off.

So far my list would be:
Big Bang Theory
Mad Men
The Office (It's horrible, don't even know why I keep watching it)

I think that's it, if I'm not forgetting anything.

Enlighten me!

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    @Terpor said:
    Little Britain

    I rather liked the first Little Britain season, mainly because it did not cross my limit in terms of fecal and obscene humor. But come season two they introduced no less than four recurring gags/characters/skits which went way over the line. There's the grown engaged man who keeps being breast-fed by his mother and grandmother, there's the elite lady who would vomit exaggerated amounts of her stomach contents precisely on the most gross parts of her surroundings, then there's the overly fat woman who tries to have sex to pay her debts and gets naked whenever she can. It's just not funny.

    Please don't mind that I spoiled about 50% of the gags for you with that comment. :(

  • @JedExodus said:
    Obv other stuff like the characters all becoming 2D caricatures and the fact it just isn't as funny as it was, but goddamn the product placement/addressing the viewer thing really got grating

    Yeah, it's called Flanderization, and I agree with you, though I never found the product placement thing that bad, and I still think the show had some funny jokes. And I like how, unlike most sitcoms, every moment is dedicated towards comedy. There are very little serious moments, dramatic moments or heartwarming moments in 30 Rock, and the ones that are there has jokes in them. That, and the weirdness.

    Oh, and another show I like is Mr. Show.

  • Only 2 shows on my favourites list that haven't been mentioned are Charmed and Lie to Me.

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    Profanity BANNED

    @VeronicanPlay said: Only 2 shows on my favourites list that haven't been mentioned are Charmed and Lie to Me.

    Lie to Me got cancelled in the middle of Season 3... Fox, those bloody tossers.

  • @Profanity said: Lie to Me got cancelled in the middle of Season 3... Fox, those bloody tossers.

    Sounds familiar...


  • Has anyone watched Grandma's House, if you haven't you should search it out probably one of the best new sitcoms in quite a while.

  • I herd Bones is coming back on TV here. I love that show but admit its not as good when Zack left.

  • I watched Betty White's Off Their Rockers last night. Old people pranking young people. Awesome.

  • I should really watch more TV. Doctor who is practically the only show that I actually go and sit down to watch. Everything else is on a "i'm bored" basis.

  • I've been trying to have something to watch each night (and have been failing miserably). So right now the only schedule I have is an episode each of Dark Shadows (classic and revived), an episode of Downton Abbey, and an episode of Upstairs, Downstairs each night from Thursday to Sunday. This will likely end soon as there's only one more episode of Upstairs... I've yet to see.

    Have also fallen back into a habit of watching a Doctor Who episode each night as well, but only on weeknights for some reason I have no idea why (possibly to delay my need for further DVDs).

    Each show listed above I recommend greatly. :)

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