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Who wants a 'score system'?

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So most of the KQ games, even MOE had point systems (6631364 total points, for the most points in a KQ game!). The only exception to the series was KQ7.

Most games gave you the points out of total as went through the game, KQ8 only showed you the points out of total once you finished the game.

Do you want a point system in the new game?

Btw, I seriously would love to see a point list for MOE. ;)

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  • @MusicallyInspired said: Achievements are pointless optional bonus activities one can perform in a game. A score system should encourage the player to play better and explore and interact with more of the world. They shouldn't be interchangeable.

    What is the difference between doing all achievements and getting maximum score, if the achievements are done right?

    I liked the system in StrongBad. It also had kind of a score system rewarding players with trophies and bonus costumes.

  • I just described the difference. If you didn't get full points in an old Sierra adventure game it was like you didn't really complete the whole game. Achievements are just stupid little add-on things to perform that have nothing to do with the story in any way to cater to people who like to show off their list of trophies and accomplishments.

  • I think kq needs the point system. SQ6 and LSL 7 (released around the same time) had it and it made the games more likely to be replayed.

  • I would LOVE a Score System! :D

  • I would say that a score system is necessary for a "real" KQ game, i.e. one in the vein of KQ1-6, but not so much if TTG makes a game more like their previous offerings. As has been said, the point of the scoring system was to indicate good actions where there was more than one possibility. In most TTG games, there is only one solution. So yeah, it would be cool if they had one, but it would also be superfluous unless there were less-than ideal solutions, or actions that were simply mistakes.

  • It's also a good replay-motivator

  • LLo everyone.

    you guys easily pointed out the most essential element of those adventures and what made em so different from Lucas' ones, because the possibility of errors and deaths(not so much the score itself then) came from text adventures, arcade games, and very probably pen&paper rpgs.

    I don't know, we should ask Ken & Roberta, or maybe even someone else, on how they came up with this little gameplay mechanic, i'd really love to know, actually!

    Anyway here's my 2 cents: if TTG don't use this mechanic their game won't be a KQ one. If they use it, they should probably make it more accessible, but it takes tremendously careful design skill not to ruin its key feel and the challenge, which is as you said, "the best solution Vs the best one YOU can come up with" among a pool of possible actions(many leading to death). In my opinion they should preserve it as it is(if they but touch it in anyway the balance of challenge WILL collapse like a castle of toothpicks) but create a flashback support system, that'd let the player know something in the past was done wrong, and it just takes you directly there to patch things up.

    And for god sake, do NOT let players know the "existance" of the system, this mechanic must be hidden inside the game, not goofily revealed as a "thing", more than often when programmers recycle a mechanic it tends to stick out horrendously. BLEND it with the whole game, that's a type of PURITY that's lost in today's games.

  • Even the point system in the Sierra form goes back to Infocom text adventures maybe even Colossal Cave. I remember it being in the Zork series.

    It's definitely a huge part of Sierra games, but Sierra didn't invent it.

    On a related note a system like KQ1VGA Enhanced which offers a classic or no dead end mode might be a great idea! It would allow players to play the game the way they want, and less complaints from both types of players!

  • The score system sounds like a lot of fun, and not just for reasons of tradition or nostalgia (which is probably what fuels this entire forum). It gives the game instant replayability and opens up opportunities to provide multiple solutions to problems, as previously mentioned.

    I guess it really comes down to this: how much does TTG want to pay homage to Sierra's legacy? By reaching out to Roberta, it's clear that they are planning to remain true to the spirit... so we'll see how that translates in gameplay.

  • I was just looking over one of the old Zork games, Zork I, and noticed that Infocom not only had the classic score system (0 of 350). But there was also a ranking system, apparently based on the number of moves and score made in the game! You start with a rank of Beginnner for example.

    Have your moves tracked might be kinda cool too!

    Nostalgia's calling, and I think it would be great to see a resurrection of the classic zork adventure game. The Zork MMO doesn't really count (though it does try to bring in some of the classic text adventure feel).

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