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Tales of Monkey Island Ch 1 ipad Jungle Maze issue

posted by GreyD on - last edited - Viewed by 134 users

I have Tales of Monkey Island Ch 1 on my Ipad2. Love the game.. I am getting quite frustrated with the second jungle maze quest. I know what i have to do..

I end up at the Wishing Well, add the flower.. screen shakes. I know I have to go right, then back left..

Now, Guy auto-walks into the right screen and takes 2 steps.. nothing will stop him from taking those two steps.. and each and every time it BANGs and I need to start all over..

No amount of finger flicking will stop those 2 steps..I've been trying for 3 days! I have tried having him go super slow in the wishing well screen..but once the screen changes to the new screen, he takes those 2 darn steps again and BANG.. start all over..
I've tried having him walk at a diagonal.. I've tried slow steps approaching the cut screen, fast steps, tapping the screen as soon as the scene changes..


I am ready to just throw in the towel and say I cannot finish the game because I cannot get past this spot!

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