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Tracking My Game

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Hold me accountable to finishing at least the background resources ok?

These are the first four sketches centering on the beginning village. They're all edge enhanced and without any line cleanup or color, so if they super rough, it's because this is the first stage of it.


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  • There may be a role for dying in my game for sure. I mean, the villain of the story is an 8 foot shadow with a suspended skull for a face. I don't want "King's Quest" level dying, but there have to be critical moments of the game where dying is possible.

    But the vibe, I think, is totally achievable. The eeriness of the castle, for instance, and that moon with the circles of purples shades. I want to be able to hit those notes.

  • I think you can , the lines you used in the drawings are already similar. It's looking good. Yeah, King's Quest went over board with the dead thing, but it's sort of funny. I have to go back to those games.

  • Scan7.jpg
    Old Barn

    New Barn

    I wanted to provide an area where a bit more could happen in terms of puzzle solving and narration. The old barn is a little too tightly focused. Plus the barn has no character it's just a perfect geometric box.

    Oh, this one is still in-progress.

  • I like it, the lines are more curvy than your examples, but it looks great.

  • Well the other major inspiration for the style comes from Legend of Mana which has a very curvy art style.


    Especially looking at the doors and walls.

    So I guess my main point is that I want the game to have a fantastic feel. Something a bit otherworldly, like a structure you know shouldn't be standing because of its dimensions and yet is. Overall, Black Cauldron, Legend of Mana, Curse of Monkey Island and Whispered World are all big inspirations behind my background style. But Black Cauldron more than any of them I think.

  • I can't definitely see both now. As for art work, the lines. I'll be interested to see how you color these bad boys. Thanks for sharing.

  • Work is on hold until after September 9th. Huge examination coming up.

  • I understand, I barely have any classes. I just don't like school I like learning, I love using my brain, expanding my horizons, I just don't like doing it the way they want me to all the time, some of it seems so tedious and silly and it's like you're on a short leash the whole time you're learning or you're looking through a structured window that your head just doesn't fit right all the way through and you have a hard time peeking out that window...


  • 228931_951764928545_25400531_41884301_67

    Got bored, heard a song, wanted to draw this. Quickie pen and ink, maybe 20-30 mins.

  • @DAISHI said: 228931_951764928545_25400531_41884301_67

    Got bored, heard a song, wanted to draw this. Quickie pen and ink, maybe 20-30 mins.

    That's pretty epic. What song was it, if I might ask?

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