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Telltale movie game suggestions!

posted by MichaelJ Fox isAntarctian on - last edited - Viewed by 487 users

Don't you think telltale should do a Pirates of the Caribbean game? Or maybe a Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. Maybe even Indiana jones or Ghostbusters. Because telltale is already doing some movie games like Jurrasic Park and BTTF (Which is awsome, you should buy it). So don't you think they should make more?

Why don't you post what new game (of a movie) that telltale should do!

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  • @Sarendor said: Indeed, adventure is the only genre that didn't see a Lord of the Rings game, ...

    Does that mean we don't count the million of text adventures that were made without a license?

  • fright night, based off the original but throw in more to the story.

  • Remember that I don't work on the games so this isn't a hint in anyway.

    But I'd love to see Doctor Who and Firefly made into story driven games.

  • First they need to prove their new teams can make a good game, or at least their BTTF team.

  • in fright night adventure game, think dracula dead and loving it, with maniac mansion, and the monster squad.

  • *edit*
    Nancy Drew
    in 2011/2012?
    P.S. this time with that camera inside (virtual environment) outside (same as your projects telltale guys)...

  • two words......HARRY POTTER!

  • @Vainamoinen said: No thanks, there is by far enough Lord of the Rings fan fiction in this world (I don't mean parodies :D). I shudder at the thought what they will do to "The Hobbit" after the release of the abomination that the movies will inevitably be. :(

    I fail to see why you'd think The Hobbit will be an abomination. I mean, if del Toro was still doing it, yeah, but unless Jackson ignores source material, I don't see where he can go wrong. The Silmarillion doesn't need to be done though. Ever. By ANYONE.

    @Vainamoinen said: I know right? :D

    If it was a Telltale game, it would be just full of parody.

    Dark Helmet: "Wait! Whats this, why can't I move?!"

    Colonel Sandurz: "Its loading sir, videogames tend to do that"

    *Waits a bit*

    Dark Helmet: "Can't we make it go faster"

    Colonel Sandurz: "We don't have enough RAM sir..."

    Dark Helmet: "Well cancel it!"

    Colonel Sandurz: "But if we do that sir, the level might not have fully loade..."

    Dark Helmet:"DO IT!!"

    Colonel Sandurz: "Yes sir!"

    *Dark Helmet and crew enter the level. After taking a few steps Dark Helmet falls into a hole in the geometry but his helmet gets stuck as its too big to pass through*

    Dark Helmet: "HELP! PULL ME UP! PULL ME UP!!"

    That would be freaking hilarious!

    Also, I fully support the idea of a Firefly game! Call Joss Whedon!!!

  • Spaceballs: The Game would be fun.

    Princess Bride (although I'm not sure what you'd do with it)
    Hogan's Heroes
    Monster's Inc.
    Something based on a Eastwood western.

  • I think the Pink panther would be an awesome adventure game, and id would love to see Indiana Jones come back

    also how can I forget my all time favourite movie, "the goonies" they can do it like manic mansion, how you switch between the characters

    also maybe do the Michael J Fox "Teen wolf"

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