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Maniac Mansion 3D remake almost done!

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Did anybody else here know about this? I's a fan remake from a German developer, and they're scheduled to release it in German and English early next year.

Maniac Mansion 3D

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  • Meteor Mess 3D is now on Facebook.
    For news, fakts and Media follow the link below and dont forget to hit tht "like" butten ;P

    Ernie @ Vampyregames

  • The game is 100% Playable and all Features are implemented. There are just a Few Rooms left that need a small "Facelifting" and Two bigger jobs that have to be done befor Release. We Still dont have the Final Charackter Models, becouse our Charackter Modler left the Team since he had to much to do in his real-life job. And we have to do the Voice Recording but thats allready arranged and we can start them as soon as alls text Elements are Ready.
    And then of course many testing, testing and more testing.
    The Final Release will come closer as soon as we finde an Charackter modler who whants to join the project. We are searching since earlyer this year but without any luck. Problem seems to be, that we cant pay anyone.
    We do that for fun in our spare time. Even a 2D artist who can make sketches of the charackters ( Side, front, back and Perspectivic view each ), would be a great Help, so we can give that to the Later 3D artist ( or me, if we find no one else ).
    So, the Motto is: As sooner we get Help, the sooner we release !

  • Someone help them, they are nearly finished!

  • @doodo! said: Someone help them, they are nearly finished!

    No Luck with a 3D Artist yet. After i modeled an textured the complete House and then Retextured and "pimped it up" room by room to look much greater an better, i think i have to to even the charcters by myself. If this will be the case, i can say that all and everything thats a 3D models or sprite or texture in this game is made by myself, but the bad thing would be, that the release date will be shifted again :( And that would be terrible, becouse the rest of the game is technicly finished.
    To bad, that so many People around the globe are mailing us that they love our remake project and that they cant wait for the release, and that on the other hand not a single one is offering Help. If we could pay for it, we have all characters ready by now, but this is a "non Profit" and "from Fans for Fans" project.
    But i have good news too :)
    The Polishing work on the Houses rooms is going strong an the new rooms in the upperfloor were the edisons have their rooms, are looking just great. We added a lot of new things to the Code that give us much more possibilitys in desining the game better and better. All Mirrors in the game ( ednas room, or the bathroom ) are now real working ones. The Main menue look much much better then the old one an the game start up is somwhat faster now. As we have mostly 3 or more descriptions for EVERY thing you can look at in the game, we have more then 4 times as much text then the original had and it realy makes fun just to wonder around the hause and look at things, couse the sentenses are so funny. Jason who wrote all that stuff, realy makes a fantastic job and he exactly hits the Humor of the original. If you wanna know more about the games progress, please dont forget to visit our Facebook page and please check the LIKE button :D
    And Tell all your Friends about us, maybe someone knows Someone else who could help us ;)

  • Believe me, I really wish I had the talent; and the time. I certainly applaud this project; many remakes - of all kinds of games - take years and years and often suddenly disappear off the grid. This one looks like it's well on its way of completion.

  • It's one of the few in history of this big of a title to not be removed legally let alone finished by fan workers.

  • We had a meeting with the Team a few days ago. German Dialog Recording will start within the next few Monthes ( We work completely in English so we first must RE-Translate ist to German fpr the Voice actors ).
    An English Talkie version is also Planned but thats comming later.
    Its a big Logistic thing to complete the game. We Reached a state were all the elements we worked so hard on the last 3 years, are comming together.
    Quality needs Time, but dont worry were woking on it :)

  • Just curious, have you had a native English speaker look over the English text at all?

    I ask because I just played through Kaptain Brawe, which was an enjoyable enough game but was hampered by the poor English at times.

  • @Scnew said: Just curious, have you had a native English speaker look over the English text at all?

    I ask because I just played through Kaptain Brawe, which was an enjoyable enough game but was hampered by the poor English at times.

    Yes, we have someone who is a native English speaker, and he dont just looks over the Text, he writes all of those line of Dialog and all the discriptions for every single object and in our version every object has 3 diffrent discription and not every kid says the same about an object. Syd and Razor are Musicans and so they describe things in the musik room completely difrent then the other kids, abd that in again 2 or 3 difrent lines. You see, a single object can have MANY discriptions. It just fantasic. Jason is the name of our native English speaker and he has done the english Texts for the Deluxe version of MM a few years ago. The Game is Developed with an international Team fpr international Fans. The Reason that the German Voices are coming first is just a logistic one. We have a Studio, and a Professional how does the recordings ( We realy had much luck, getting all this together ).

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