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Tracking My Game

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Hold me accountable to finishing at least the background resources ok?

These are the first four sketches centering on the beginning village. They're all edge enhanced and without any line cleanup or color, so if they super rough, it's because this is the first stage of it.


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  • Nothing anyone would recognize. It's a piece from a little known comPoser. He sells royaly free compositions and one just stuck in my head.

  • Cool...I generally am very creative when listening to a certain Igor Stravinsky, any of my numerous soundtracks, or Two Steps from Hell. Though Mettalica and Megadeth have given me some hefty inspiration from time to time...

  • It's hard to argue against Stravinsky since he's one of the most influential artists of the modern compositional era.

  • I just can't stop listening to Stravinsky. At first I only listened to Firebird because it was on the same CD as the de Meji Lord of the Rings Suite (which is also an excellent piece, by the way), but now I actively seek out pieces of his that I haven't heard before and I have yet to find one that I don't like.

  • 207008.jpgScan.jpg

    The above spot, the reworked version, isn't complete yet. I wanted to change the perspective slightly, add a slight view of the roof as well as the area you walk in from. There are some pieces I want to grab from the original verision, like the chest and the vacant head piece, and edit those into the new version.

  • 207461.jpgScan13.jpg

    So again, top image isn't entirely done in terms of detail work but this is the general gist of it. Widened the focus a bit and made the angles less stylistic. Still exaggerated, but not quite as much. The foreground pretty much remained intact, but the background was reworked. That included additional details on the wall. Smaller details to the tools themselves are waiting to be done in coloring.

    There is some consistency to my style. For a carpenter's house I thought smooth, straight angles were more akin to him than the usual natural, curvy angles I use in wood surfaces. I figured a carpenter would simply be better at making a professional home.

  • 207462.jpgScan3.jpg

    In the course of drawing up my original background sets I got better at details and general artwork as I went, so later backgrounds were better. This is not one of those later backgrounds, in fact it's one of the earliest I did. Compared to the carpenter's house in the previous post, this one is much sloppier and detailed.

    Here I wanted to retain a tight focus. We get a wide, two screen bar scene later (think SCUMM bar where Guybrush walks and the screen scrolls) later in the game, so for this scene I wanted a tighter focus, less of a bar and more like... just somewhere comforting soldiers or workers went after work. So for this I kept the view up close, put down a rug, a moosehead, just details I think worked. Again, in the second round of backgrounds I'm being less stylized in general, so there are exaggerated curves and angles but nothing like the original. Probably most obviously seen in the rear corner support.

  • Also great little art collection from Legend of Mana for further reference as far as art inspiration

  • Making games is hard work.

    This message inspired by the Demake of MI3.

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