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  • @GuruGuru214 said: Guys, since this didn't work the way Icedhope tried it, I'm going to rephrase.

    Calm the fuck down.

    The discussion has not at all become heated and your post is the first in the thread to use heated profanity. If you're afraid of Lucasfilm for some reason then close the thread. Otherwise let us continue this discussion.

  • @Majus said: I found the real new footage!

    Hah, nice. As Leia once said, "It could be worse..."

  • @tobar said: Hah, nice. As Leia once said, "It could be worse..."

    Someone already had the idea? Curses.

  • @doodo! said: This should make alot of you happy...

    Why should this make us happy? I'm a big fan of Ady's work but in the end it's just another special edition.

    @doodo! said: He isn't ruining anything, I like my original copies, I don't give a flying shit if they aren't touched up or if it's a laserdisc transfer....I prefer watching it on laserdisc so that I can see all the film grain...yep...upgrading it to be more crisp, whatever in REALITY is yet another revision.

    Yes removing the natural grain like they did for the 2004 release is another revision. I don't know if you own very many blu-rays but quite a lot of them retain their natural grain. Film inherently contains a LOT more picture data than even our 1080p HD televisions can display. That's why most film transfers are done at 8k. Those laserdisc masters have a horrible resolution and have lost a lot of detail. Not to mention the fact that they're riddled with horrible artifacting problems that leave the picture in even more of a mess.

    It is not hard or prohibitively expensive to create HD transfers of films. Especially not for a company as big as Lucasfilm. Heck, even the ripoff space adventure films that were spawned because of Star Wars are now being released on blu-ray. So why keep condoning the suppression of the original films? If they're not properly preserved soon they will be lost.

  • @Chyron8472 said: -.- What a stupid response. You obviously care nothing about Star Wars.

    Star Wars belongs to the fans as much as it belongs to George Lucas. We love Star Wars as it once was before this Special Edition crap. Many of us grew up with it; feel a connection with the characters; find the story to be compelling... oh and there's so much more to it than just that.

    With one hand, George is taking our money hand over fist, and with the other he is beating us about the head and shoulders with a baseball bat.

    Implying that having vader scream "noooo" ruins the story or character connection. I really don't see what's wrong with the changes. There's nothing there that ruins the experience. Who know's, maybe it was his original intention to have it sounding/looking like this. If he had released it originally like this, and then edited it to make it like the original versions, people would still complain. The guy's an artist, his work is never done. You don't have to buy the sets anyway. The DVD versions will upscale in a blu-ray player, afterall.

  • @tobar said: Hah, nice. As Leia once said, "It could be worse..."

    I actually had a lot of fun exploring the other videos by this guy. He's got a re-edit of Revenge of the Sith planned, and he's showcasing a lot of the work on his YouTube account. Take a look, it's really very impressive.

  • @Darth Marsden said: I actually had a lot of fun exploring the other videos by this guy.

    Here's something else you might want to check out. :p

  • The way I see it, the changes are like website changes. Everyone who used the thing before frequently, instantly hates the change, even if it's for the better.

  • I'm so excited. I'm gonna buy it!

    Haters, Lucas OWNS me, abuse me Lucas! Abuse me! Yes, Yes! Hurt me morrrrrreee!

    Make me feel it, make me feel alive again!

    I'm so buying this...

    OMG spoilers!

    I'm a free bitch baby!

    But I do see tobar's side of this...I guess I honestly just don't stress over, care that much if something is in HD or not. I guess I really just don't care.

    I suppose I can see why others do care. Ok, I admit I'm trying to see both sides now. Any one else EXCITED?
    I'm a dirty boy Lucas, a dirty boy!

    Then again I love my VHS and DVDs and movies, I don't really care about graphics but I loved Simon the Sorcerer 3D...

    Anyways, I'll show my kids the original narrative as well as the new and I honestly doubt they'll give a shit, at all if it's HD or crisp or whatever, I'll just show it to them as is. And I'm sure they will enjoy it. I watch my copies on TV, and you can all hate on it, but I think the movies look better than movies from the is...

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