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Would you guys like it if they took the same art direction as TSL?

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Like, if the game looked like TSL does (except obviously not as blocky on some parts, since this would be professionally made)? I personally wouldn't mind.

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  • In KQ6 there are generally 4-5 things that move. Generally marked by incomplete painting if you rip the painting from the files. This is one of the reasons why the quality suffered.

    Plus Alexander is usually a separate individual sprite/s placed on top of the painting. Shamir is a separate sprite as well in many if the close up screens as well.

    KQ5 had one or two things that moved maybe an arm and facial features.

    Some scenes like the closeup of Alexander putting ring on Cassima's hand are partial green screen work that were apparently either hand painted over or digitally painted over. One claim is that one of the actors who played Alexander had long blond hair, they had to fix it. Others they repainted to try make it have the same style.

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    Of course, I'm biased, but I wouldn't mind seeing Telltale's game taking a next gen take at this look:


  • dang it, Cez!

    resize your images for crying out loud....

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    There that should be better. Still a bit big, but they are not overblown.

  • One thing I've always really liked about TT's games, from the first Sam & Max series, is that the camera in most scenes is just about horizontal to the characters, often at a near-constant distance, and fairly close so that the characters are appropriately sized on the screen. Occasionally, the camera moves up of course to show more in larger spaces, or closer in for more confined spaces. But it's still quite a contrast from how LucasArts did 3D; I remember quite a few scenes in Grim Fandango where Manny was but a speck as the camera went high overhead.

    The downside of this is that you don't get many wide open spaces. Telltale's games often have an east-west orientation to them, and not a lot of north-south. When Guybrush moves from the docks of Flotsam into the jungle, there's kind of a disconnect, the camera jumping from one parallel line to the next (though the jungle did have paths in four directions, as part of a puzzle or two).

    So I look at that shot of King Graham on a horse in a vast cavern with mixed feelings. On the one hand, I hate to see the game character so small, but at the same time I'd love to explore a huge cavern (assuming there's interesting stuff to do in there). Is that shot from a cut-scene, or does the player have control of that horse? Is the cavern something the player gets to explore, or just a "photo-op"?

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    It's a cutscene prior to an arcade sequence where you get attacked by some shadow monsters. The camera pulls closer on for the gameplay section, looking something like this:

    We do have a WIDE area in Episode 4 that pulls back significantly, and that is the Maze of the Isle of the Beast, where you get to explore the majority of what we created for it (which is a very large area). It used to be mostly desolated, but when we broke the episodes and started to add content to the isles, I decided to fill it with puzzles and different things to find. I'm quite happy with how it feels now having just taken a full pass through it.

    I normally like to be closer to the character, but when there's opportunity to explore big areas, it's cool to pull back.

  • I'm bias

    Hi Bias, nice to meet you.

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    @BagginsKQ said: Hi Bias, nice to meet you.

    Heh... :P

  • And the TSL self-promotion machine revs back into high gear! ;)

  • @Lambonius said: And the TSL self-promotion machine revs back into high gear! ;)

    :D Tis truly shameless.

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