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Sam & Max for Wii hm...

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I think putting Sam & Max on the Wii is a great idea but.......What if you have it on PC. I think it would be cool but how would you release it? By episodes? Or seasons? What is your solution to having it on PC and Wii without spending a lot?

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    [quote]Personally I'd be more interested in the Wii version than the PC version.[/quote]

    Why? I don't think it would flow as well. Do you?

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    [quote]TellTale and Sam&Max have gotten quite a boost in coverage with this Wii thing. I've read news about it on most gaming media pages.[/quote]

    they have havent friends who arent even sam and max fans are e-mailing me abt it.. looks like a lot of people are excited at the prospect

  • The coverage has been incredible (and very unexpected!)

    The thing that seems to be lost in translation in many of the articles is that we ARE making a Sam & Max game for PC, which will be out very soon. Half the people seem to think we're talking about bringing Hit the Road to the Wii.

    Still, anything that sparks new interest in Sam & Max is good, especially since someone who wants to learn more can find out more pretty easily.

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    Even if GameTaps library extends to every game, past, present, and East Germany I still wouldn't buy into it (being my collection is rather massive from playing games over the years and pretty much have the cream of the crop), and I do know the game will be available for download off Telltales site. I just don't know in what form or how being that I never looked into how Bone was done. I was very wary of steam when it was new and even am now, especially considering valve ate my original key and wouldn't give back my account. I want to make it clear, I will buy the games in their entirety, but probably the final box set made available so I can sit down and play them one after another.

    As for the Wii Vs PC comparison, I don't know how it would flow on the Wii and would assume it would flow similar to how SCUMMVM does on consoles on a TV, but differently due to the Wiimote being more mouse like than an analog stick. Really I think it would fit the whole "we're different than those guys" motif Nintendo seems to want.

  • Gametap? The Last Express? Hey, that's not cool. I just bought The Last Express from eBay for 31 pounds! Damn you gametap, damn you and your love for finding games I want/payed a lot for and then refusing me the ability to sign up to your service.

    Oh well, at least all my games are in large decorative cardboard boxes. And they aren't all expensive. Talky version of Sam and Max with hint book and everything, with stickers still on the box? $7NZ. Grim Fandango in perfect condition with box and everything? $5NZ. Of course, it would've helped if I was older and was around when these games were first released (coincidently, it's my birthday tomorrow. Woo!), rather than hunting around for second hand copies. However, I am amassing quite a collection of excellent old games. And I'm getting better at finding bargains.

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    Um most tvs have connections for PCs also.

    People can play computer games on their HD widescreens already without needing to use their "wii wii"s.

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    [quote]Um most tvs have connections for PCs also.

    People can play computer games on their HD widescreens already without needing to use their "wii wii"s.[/quote]

    Really? Some of them do? hmm...........(It means i'm thinking)

    P.S. Never NEVER say "wii wii"s again. E-V-E-R!!!

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    Yeah you need to have a graphics card that has an HD tv out or a regular tv out depending on what kind of tv you're going to be plugging into.

    But it's also a good idea to research and see what kinds of tvs your graphic card has drivers for.

    I also advise getting a wireless laser mouse and keyboard.

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  • [quote]Rocko's Modern Life--
    "Repeat after me Wii Wii's"[/quote]
    Haha, yeah, I made a video out of that, but YouTube deleted my account.

  • Youtube doesn't seem to like everyone on this forum very much does it? Then again, it could be because we constantly upload videos which have copyrights on them.

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