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S&M and Lucasarts stuff for sale

posted by Thriftweed on - last edited - Viewed by 109 users

Hi everyone,
It's been a while since i've posted on here : )
I have some lucasarts / TT related items for sale on ebay and thought i'd point you guys in the direction of the auctions.
I thought it was time I trimmed down all of the duplicates in my collection
as i'm running out of space.

I have
Lucasarts Adventurer 5 ( Day of the Tentacle )

Escape from Monkey Island Magnet

Age of S&M, Sam and max Sketchbook

Maniac Mansion NES

Secret of Monkey Island ( Amiga )

Loom ( Macintosh )

I actually posted the same thing on Mojo forums so apologies if you read this twice : )


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