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Why when experiencing life dos the brain function with certain brain waves? How does it select those types of waves, what is the process behind this? I heard it's chemical response? In a healthy brain scan, they know what to look for...these waves light up on a scan like Christmas day.

Could a brain function using different waves for different activities than our average human brain selects? Are these waves truly ideal, for experiences, for reality, for these activities they are tied to? Must it be that way?

Is the brain ultimately a receptor for the layers of reality that it filters? How accurate is it, is it all entirely objective? Is it the only form of experience, reading these layers? Is it true observation, do we make a true, indisputable connection to reality?

Do these waves make a true connection to "reality" are their similar receiving waves outside of our human bodies? What is the universe made up of? Are we connected? Is it a issue of dimension?...??
Do our bodies, minds, brains, make waves that are actually on the same level as the objective plains of reality, existence?

These brain waves, are only from a impartially working, developed brain. The true brain power, the true evolution, creation of brain isn't truly present.Ultimately, we may not be connected to a truer, more comprehensive form of reality.

[quote=YA response]Brain "waves" are a name given to phenomena that are observed when measuring the brain via electroencephalographs and similar technology. The overall rise and fall of electrical potentials in localized areas. Because they're easily observed, they are useful in correlating brain states and brain function. But you shouldn't confuse them with how the brain works.

Similarly, an experienced mechanic could use the sound an engine makes to diagnose how it is operating. But we wouldn't ascribe the sound waves with any sort of utility to the engine. You could say that brain waves are indications of an overall pattern of activity within the brain.

The activity pattern is driven primarily through neural activity. That activity is signalling by discharge of an electrichemical potential in the neurons and by neurotransmitters. The activity at this scale is much faster and more fine-grained than simple chemical responses. But hormones and other chemicals do produce system-wide changes in activity as well.

So I might read your question as "could a brain function using different overall patterns for activities than our average human brain does". My opinion is yes and no.

Yes, it's entirely conceivable that a brain could exist that uses radically different techniques to process and use information that our brains do. In such a sense, the brain waves would be very different.

But at the same time, such a brain is not going to pop into existence in a human. Just like all the engines that Ford puts in cars work just about the same way, all human brains appear to have certain overall processing techniques that are very conservative (even if we don't understand the details of how the processing works).[/quote]

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  • I think it's a bit of a stretch to say that kids who learn about sex early on from a third party source automatically use "gay" to describe things they don't like.

  • @Alcoremortis said: I think it's a bit of a stretch to say that kids who learn about sex early on from a third party source automatically use "gay" to describe things they don't like.

    I don't remember implying automatically but apparently I did.

    Funny a bit of a stretch and automatic in the same sentence. Interesting how you presented that. Not that it was incorrect.

    But parents who just let their kids, what was the word? Get exposed to sex, good luck with that, I'm just hoping if you let them on line you have enough brain cells to put a search filter on...

  • Okay, doodo, we understand Disney has put a few perverted things in their animated films and artwork. Yes, they're weird, creepy, perverted, and/or stupid for doing so. This point is established.

    We have been watching these films for years now--many of which since we were small children--and are not ourselves sexually traumatized, hypnotized or significantly abused by it.

    Sure, it's dirty to have them there but, speaking for myself, my sexuality is/has been influenced by many factors from many sources throughout my lifetime and I can say for certain that my viewing of that scene from The Rescuers as a child (having not noticed it until pointed out to me a few years ago) played a highly insignificant, if not wholly inconsequential, role in the state of my sexuality.

    Frankly, you're beating a dead horse by now. You pointed them out; yes, it's creepy and perverted; no, I do not feel tainted having watched these films as a child. Okay, fine then let's move on to another topic of discussion. It's not that subjecting children to sexually immoral behavior isn't wrong: It is wrong. It's just that beating us about the head and shoulders for not being up in arms about these particular scenes won't accomplish anything, especially when there are far more sexually immoral things in life and the media that children come in contact with that have a much greater impact on them than this. So, making such a large issue of this in particular seems unwarranted wheer there are so many other worse problems needing to be addressed first.

  • Yes, well everything is relative and connected, especially in society and media, entertainment is a huge part of society. It's almost EVERY film you watch that has messages in it, every single one. Even if you don't see it, it's a certain sound, certain emotion, a certain thought, expression. It's all geared towards one

    It's all connected. Entertainment, Disney is one side of many sides of you, and the world markets more than that,Disney is connected to more than that, and does business all around the world. It's all connected for you. Business, entertainment, media is all drawn together, connected, computers, movies,'s all connected. From the moment your mom whipe the snot off your nose to the first hand held toy to video games based on movies to your porno, to your cars, your sex toys, whatever the hell you buy, it's all connected and marketed at every age.

  • @coolsome said: Media=Bad Aliens=Good

    I doubt all aliens are good. This isn't even about aliens. It's about being human.

  • @doodo! said: Yes, well everything is relative and connected, especially in society and media, entertainment is a huge part of society.

    I don't understand your point.

    I'm saying there is a matter of degrees to which one is affected in life by various sources of input, and there are far more things that have a far greater impact and are thus worthy of a lot more scrutiny and uproar than half a dozen questionable scenes spread across a few Disney movies.

  • No you don't understand. It's all connected, you get little toys for your GI JOE and little go to the movies and get your little happy meals, you grow up and it's the same thing. It's all connected, all the commerce is connected, product placement anyone? Millions of dollars go into hollywood because it's one of the largest businesses in the world.

    Everything is connected, your radio, your TV, your clothes, your watch, phone, it's all connected. Your tee shirts of goofy, mickey...

    You don't see how it's all connected then you must be blind. Everything is tied together, more and more, and at all ages. And the more you want, the dumber you are, the more "exposed" you are the more you'll want .

    It's all connected, your music, your lyrics, listen to music it often has movie characters, it's all connected, all of it. I can't explain it to you if you can't even notice that, it's not subtle.


    Par 6 ^

    Well, peace...if any one wants to hear more of my side it's here, but I can't promise you I've been entirely considerate of every one. PEACE

    Part 7

  • Have I just been trolled? I'm a little confused as to whether I should be participating in a discussion where I'm being told my way of thinking is due to corruptive media. Please, someone enlighten me. 8^|

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