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How about doing some 2D games Telltale?

posted by Leplaya on - last edited - Viewed by 328 users

This came from one of the discussions regarding on the look for the King's quest game. I did some heavy thinking about this one before bringing it into conversation on here. Now. I am aware that you guys have used Cel-shaded graphics for Strong bad's game and used the cel shading for Poker night.

But how about doing something fully 2D for video games? You know like a fully 2D animated video game. I am aware that you guys do 3D, but how about doing some with 2D animation? I'm talking about doing an adventure game with 2D animation. There are softwares to make things easier with 2D if money is an issue with this. But either way. It would be nice to see you guys produce some 2D animated adventure games. After all. There are video games out there that are done in 2D(Wario Land Shake it, A boy and his Blob to name a few).

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