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Poll: Would you buy BTTF if a Season 2 is made?

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This is a poll asking would you or would you not buy BTTF if a season 2 is made? There is also an undecided option.

This is prompted by this news here:
This news states that Telltale is open to creating more episodes if the fans are up for it.

Thanks for voting!

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  • [quote=triloge;518982]dear telltale...

    Shut up and take my money!


    amen to that....

  • I would buy a second season

  • I would absolutely buy another season of this game!

    They would have to fix the problem where Marty couldn't run when clicking on the right mouse button though as well as some other flaws like the puzzles being way too easy in the early episodes.

    They would also have to bring Bob Gale back as the story consultant and bring Christopher Lloyd back to be the voice of Doc Brown again, and they also need to follow up on the story that ended with episode 5, and it would have to be a better story than what we were given for Season 1!

    I was alright with the early episodes in season 1, but the last 3 episodes were a bit dark in terms of the stories that they were telling although they were good and took the series in a different direction. And I don't mean dark as in dark and gritty and that type of stuff, I mean dark in the terms of how they played out even though there was some comedy mixed in there to keep them lighthearted.

    And I would also like to see one of the episodes for season 2 take place in the future like the year 2086 as an example! We were told that we were going to go through Hill Valley's past, present and future in the final episode of season 1 but we ended up going even further into the past, and none of the episodes in season 1 went to the future like we had thought was going to happen except for the nod that Doc had gotten the bluetooth headset from a 21st century video game console!

    If they can get those problems fixed and rectified, then I'm all for a season 2 :)

  • Hi! I'm french so my english isn't good...

    I post this message to say that i want a season 2. I'm a big fan of the trilogy and i just finished the game, it's was fantastic! Character (i love Edna and Trixie for example which are very interesting!), musics, hill valley, the story... all were good!!

    I hope that a season 2 will see the day! :)

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE MAKE THE GAME!!!!

    That said, make the puzzles more challenging. The production of the game and the story were fantastic. I loved the experience, but I would have liked the puzzles to be a tad more challenging.

    Regardless, I wouldn't hesitate to buy a second season!

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    I would say yes, I would buy future games, but I would also like to see some things changed.

    My favorite part was definitely the story. It kept me interested and guessing the entire way through. I'm a massive, massive fan of the BTTF movies, and the story truly felt like a proper addition to the franchise. The characters were written well and I though the plot was very interesting. Doc Brown has always been my favorite character, so I really enjoyed the focus on him. I also appreciated the attention to detail and all the subtle references to the movies.

    I think the voice acting was great. Marty's voice actor was fantastic, and I'm so glad that you guys were able to get Christopher Lloyd to voice Doc Brown. If there's a continuation of the series in the future, I hope that you guys can retain the cast used for the first series of games.

    The gameplay, as others have said, is lacking. I enjoy adventure games, and I think that BTTF definitely works well within that genre (In fact, I can't really think of a genre other than adventure that would fit with BTTF), but I really think there were a lot of missed opportunities with the puzzles. I can't really think of one single puzzle that I thought was clever. They all seemed to range from "Meh" to "That was kind of stupid." The puzzle solutions were mostly either too easy or too obscure with almost nothing in that "Ooh, that was clever!" sweet spot in between, and they just seemed like obstacles on the way of seeing the story progress, which was the main reason I kept playing, rather than something that could really be enjoyed. I hope any future BTTF games can possibly incorporate some clever Day of the Tentacle-esque time travel puzzles, and hopefully an improved control system for PC, since I often had a bit of difficulty convincing Marty to move in the direction I wanted him to go, and some action sequences (Like the "Line up the signals" one near the end) controlled poorly on PC.

    Overall, my thoughts of the BTTF games are similar to my thoughts of the Puzzle Agent games: Good story, poor gameplay. I really hope the problems can be addressed in future releases, if there are any. Though I would almost certainly buy future BTTF games assuming the same care is taken in the story, I'd love to really be able to enjoy the gameplay next time around as well.

  • The game was great fun and brilliant to imagine as an extension to the films.

    What ?

    While Rather is concerned about how horrible the "game" aspect of BTTF is, I clearly am frustrated with the horrible writing.

    So many plot convenience, and magical things that happens all the time, like people appearing suddenly out of nowhere just to get the plot forward, Einstein being a GPS through time, Marty having items bigger than his pockets appearing in his hands by magic and all etc...

    I just CAN NOT see how anyone would accept this horror and lazy written "story" as anything near to BTTF. It's seriously insulting.

    Sure, the movies cheated a bit, but they didn't over do it, and it was either clever or really funny.

    That was nowhere near that in the "game". It was painful and cringe-worthy. I've been absolutely unable to think for a second it could be "part 4" since every minute there was a horrible scene that completely destroyed all the credibility there could ever be about it. Either because the story was ridiculous, either because something absolutely impossible happened.

    Also, all those invisible walls, and places you COULD NOT visit, that just ruins the immersion. Completely.

    So yeah, I don't see what's so brillant about it. Sorry.

    Can you honestly say the plot about time travel was mind blowing ? Geez, even on star trek, south park, and futurama, they had more interesting plots...

    As for Time Travel games, DoTT, Shadow of Memories and even Chrono Trigger are raping it to death.

  • Oh yes, I am onboard in buying a season 2

  • I haven't even had the chance to complete episode 1 yet, but yeah I'd get it...

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