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Spin-off Wally centered fan game idea: Monocle Quest

posted by Jon NA on - last edited - Viewed by 663 users

What do you think?

Oh, before anything; Don't spoil Wally's future for me, I haven't finished MI2 yet. That's right i haven't. Don't judge meee! Just tell me whether he gets a new monocle or not (I know that we'll see him again near the end)

I'm not going to work on it much since I'm busy with lot's of other project, But I will help with game-play and story.
I'd like to make it a surreal black-comedy game thematically. And I'd love a 1st-person 3rd-person shooter game camera angel's by switching between Wally's blurry vision and the typical all-seeing-eye vision.
I like to see Wally and Mad Marty together, They'll be a duo kinda similar to Captain Haddock and Prof. Calculus.
And I'd like to add some Sierra jokes and Pay homage to them (Wally dyeing will be justifiable since he can't see anything properly.)

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