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The Newly Regenerated Doctor Who Thread

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So, Christmas is approaching, and with it a brand new Doctor who episode, and seeing as it's no longer series 5, I thought it would be time for a new, more generalised Doctor who thread!

For those who are new to the series, It features a humanoid Alien (timelord) called the Doctor, who travels in time and space in the TARDIS. He's the last of his race, and when he dies, he regenerates into a new person (up to 13 times). So far he has done so 11 times, with the current, 11th doctor being Matt Smith.

To kick things off, here's a trailer for the new Doctor who ipod/iphone/ipad/android game: The mazes of time!

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  • @Darth Marsden said: Fixed the link for ya.

    Bah! I forgot that I always go to the "most recent comic" link thing. Thanks. If you don't mind, I'll just go back and change my link so that it leads somewhere useful.

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    divisionten Moderator

    Matt Smith is almost too skinny. I think I can see his ribs.

  • Yes, everyone, I am Matt Smith's property.

  • @Ribs said: Yes, everyone, I am Matt Smith's property.

    Then I wana be The Masters...The John Simm one...The Blonde John Simm.

  • *enters thread to post some cool updates*

    *looks around...*

    What are you guys talking about...? o.O Why is there an animation of Matt Smith falling out of the shower...? Why is... uh... ah, nevermind. I'll just drop this info here and quietly retreat to my royal chambers:

    Helloooo Telltale Foruuuums!

    We've reached a point where we are choosing the material for Mihai's jacket (11th doctor). If you have ANY suggestions, NOW is the time to share them. Take note that we cannot find the exact texture/design, but your advice could help us chose between a good material and an awesome one.

    Moreover, I just updated the script and made it 200% cooler! How could I miss this idea?! It's SO awesome! Oh man, you'll love it!
    Unfortunately, I did come across a tiny-big plothole which I'm trying to fix.


    Oh my God! I just thought of a fantastic way to play with that idea! Wait, hang on
    *writes idea down* *giggles* *comes back*

    Okay, I can safely say that it's a really crazy script so far, but it may fit in the Universe just fine.

    Now, this is a first and LAST shoutout (which will also be posted on my site): If any of you want to participate in the tribute, either by video contribution or music, now is the time to tell me.

    We are approaching the end of Pre-Production, folks... no more changes after this! If you have a decent camera (not webcam, sorry) and you want to appear for 5-10 seconds in our most epic clip yet, send me a PM please.

    What else... hm... we bought a bow tie ...and it's cool. (no pun intended)
    Looking for matching suspenders.
    I think the shoes (on both actors) may be different from what the doctors wear on the show, but that shouldn't be a problem (I hope).

    We already announced that the filming date will be November 5th. We might choose November 12th though due to the fact that we both caught a nasty cold and we want to make sure we're fresh during the filming.

    Any questions? :)

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    divisionten Moderator

    I can do something like what you did with the BttF thing. Let me know if you want or need me. I can be a Clone!Doctor!

  • @divisionten said: I can do something like what you did with the BttF thing. Let me know if you want or need me. I can be a Clone!Doctor!

    Webcam quality? Hmm... I'll think about that.

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    divisionten Moderator

    @Silverwolfpet said: Tardis exploding quality? Hmm... I'll think about that.

    Fixed for you. :P

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