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Custom Monkey Island Icons

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If you've visited the 'The Legendary Monkey Island FanArt' thread recently, you may have realized that some of us have been flooding the last couple of pages with some custom MI icons ever since The Highway provided us with a template in the his file of his own custom icons (available here). Anyway, instead of cluttering the 'The Legendary Monkey Island FanArt' thread with custom icons (which aren't technically art), I decided to create a thread specifically for them. So, feel free to post any icons here that you make/have made yourself.

Here are some of mine:


Some of The Highway's:


Some of Spadge's (one being a joke) :


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  • Today I got irritated that none of my Monkey Island icons matched so I made some new ones. I didn't realize someone had posted a layout with Telltale's icon shape so I just did mine with circles. :( Now it seems boring.

    Secret of Monkey Island - Special Edition

    Monkey Island 2 - LeChuck's Revenge - Special Edition

    Curse of Monkey Island

    Escape from Monkey Island

    Tales of Monkey Island

    Launch of the Screaming Narwhal

    The Siege of Spinner Cay

    Lair of the Leviathan

    The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood

    Rise of the Pirate God

  • What's wrong? I like those. They look good.

  • I'm reorganizing my game icon folder structure a bit, and made these:


  • The default Curse of Monkey Island icon is Murray when it's small, and the coin interface with the game title when it's medium to large. I like Murray better, so I made a large Murray icon instead.


  • Looks too pixelized. You could try tracing it in Adobe Illustrator or a similar program, since Murray is a quite simple shape, with no gradients.

  • @Milamputechture said: picture.php?albumid=329&pictureid=2195

    skeltion : gaze apond the horror of SKULL ISLAND

    guybrush: thats a duck!

  • I have a question: how do I place the image icon into the template? I want to place an image I have made into a template. Hope this doesn't disturb you.

  • @Debbie82 said: I have a question: how do I place the image icon into the template? I want to place an image I have made into a template. Hope this doesn't disturb you.

    You need an image editor that allows transparency, and preferably also layers. I have Corel Paint Shop Pro (as it is considerably less expensive than Photoshop). MSPaint doesn't observe transparency, so you can't use that.

    First, open the template and the other image in question in your image editor.

    Resize the second image to whatever size is needed, then copy and paste it as a new layer into the image of the template.

    Next, reorder the layers so that the template image is on top.QCZAd.png

    Optional: If you wish to have a section of the image that protrudes from the edge of the border, you must re-copy/paste the desired section of the second image in as a new layer and put this layer on top of the template layer.

    Now, merge the layers together.

    Use the Magic Wand tool (with anti-alias enabled and an acceptable level of tolerance) and select the white area (and only the white area) around the outside of the template.2ORuT.png

    Delete it.

    Optional: you may also invert the selection (ie. select the part of the image that is not transparent) and Crop to Selection, which removes the excess amount of transparent border.

    Resize the image (while preserving the aspect ratio) and then the canvas size, so that the image size is 256x256 (the largest icon size), and Save As (or Export to) PNG.

    Post the resultant image on these forums so we can see it.

    When you want to convert it to an icon file, go to to do so very easily.N9rNy.png

  • Thanks. And you saved this image for me! I'm so happy.

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