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Back to the Future: Deluxe Pack [issue-52965]

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Hello, I wonder if there is forecast (estimated date) to send my Order Placed August 24, 2011 consisting of items:

Back to the Future: Deluxe Pack

The current status is: "Your order is being processed and will ship soon. Please check back later for shipping info."

Thank you for your attention.

Catia Nitz


I sent an email [issue-52965] but got no response. : (

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  • Same msg on my "Games" page - I hasn't shipped for me yet

  • I also haven't received my Deluxe Pack either. I even received a shipping confirmation email Oct 1 and got a package with another item I also ordered, but no BTTF Deluxe, even though it was listed in the shipping confirmation. The sales order picking list in the package didn't mention BTTF, so I guess after all it was intentionally left out of the shipment?

    I'm sure my copy is coming too, but I'm just worrying a bit because the email mentioned the game and it wasn't in the shipment, and there isn't any open orders on my account at the moment.

    I have also emailed you a few days ago, but no reply so far [issue-53026].

    Please don't forget me! :)

  • Still have the same status yet. : (

  • As of right now, we're expecting them to start shipping again on Friday of this week. I've had a few people tell me they couldn't see their order at all in the past few days, even though it looks fine in our system. Once the order ships on Friday, it should update and you'll be able to see it. If anybody wants to PM me their order number, though, I can double check for you.

    I definitely apologize for the delay here. It's a great pack and I know how excited everybody is for it.

  • What's frustrating (to me) is seeing a report online from someone who ordered his a week after I did, who's received it already . . . despite him living in the UK, which probably added an extra week to ship times.

    I own every game Telltale's put out (plus a closet full of other physical Telltale goodies), but I'm definitely rethinking the wisdom of ordering from them in the future . . .

  • That's definitely not a pleasant thing to see: I placed my order a few days before AC_ and I still haven't received the notification of the shipping.
    I can understand you may have a few problems with shipping due to a great number of orders, but I would have hoped for the chronological order in which they were made to be respected.
    I patiently waited, but now I'm starting to get frustrated. I want to gift the Deluxe pack for Xmas, and since I live in Italy it may take as much as 6 weeks to get here, so I really hope you're gonna to ship it soon.

  • Still have the same status yet. : (

  • Mine was ordered Sept 7th, still hasn't shipped yet.. I have also noticed others placed after mine have been shipped and/or received already! What is going on?

  • Placed order August 24, 2011 ...
    Still have the same status:

    "Being Your order is processed and will ship soon. Please check back later for shipping info."

    I can not stand the wait ... : (

  • The status remains the same, but according to Michael, all requests for August were sent. I hope that the status change soon. :)

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