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Forum crashes

posted by Friar on - last edited - Viewed by 507 users

Throughout my time here, the site has always been prone to a few crashes, particularly around game launches, but recently they seem to be increasing. Which is odd because I don't think there's a major game launch near. Usually when I try and access it in the mornings (around 9-11AM (UK time)) the site is either extremely slow, or will not load at all. Occasionally I get a grey page with a small broken page icon in the middle. Other times I get a page with a blue square with a V on it, saying database error. Other times I just get a white page which will try and load indefinately. I've tried it on multiple computers, both at home and in college.

Is anyone else noticing this? I thought it could be because they're doing work on the servers or something, but it would be, like midnight in Telltale Towers.

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