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Lord of the Rings Parody 1 and 2 - Soundtracks available online for free! (page 3)

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Hey guys!

Finally, after all this time, I managed to add english subtitles to this thing.

What is it?
It's a parody, you read the title! It's the first big movie that I ever did. You'll find a very young SilverWolfPet in this thing.

How long does it last?
One hour. It was divided into 8 parts on youtube.

Who's in it?
My bro, Mihai, when he was around 10 years old. I was 17 at that time. My friend, Daniel Niculcea, with whom I am working now on our biggest projects. Due to this movie I met my friend and camera-guy Cosmin (you'll find his name in the credits of plenty of our clips).

So, when was this made?
In 2004. Pre-Production took 2 years. Production took 2 weeks. Post-production took 2 not-eating less-sleeping weeks for me.

So, why are you showing it now?
Well, I just like to share stuff with you guys. Besides, I just managed to finish the subtitles, thanks to Majus for pointing out a quick way of doing that. They're not perfect, but hey! It's my first time doing this!

Awesome! Where can I see it?
Right here :D

Part one
Part two
Part three
Part four
Part five
Part six
Part seven
Part eight

Wait, don't you like LOTR?
I love it! This is why I brought this tribute to it! Enjoy! Oh, and in case you're wondering, my bro is playing Gimli, and I'm playing Aragorn. This was before we had long hair.

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  • Hey guys and girls!

    Working on the final frames. Here's another bonus pic for you!


    it was too huge, what was I thinking?

  • I hope there's another release in "hard-coded" English subtitles.
    Can you please work on such a release Silverwolfpet?

  • To answer the question above, yes Jon NA, there will be hard-coded english subtitles. :) I can confirm that.

    Also, for those who are interested,
    I am bribing you (such a nice word!) with exclusive AUDIO and VIDEO clips on the LOTR Parody Facebook Page.


    Just give it a Like, please, and cheer will come your way!!

    Actual cheer not guaranteed.

  • Aaaaaaand...

    LAUNCHED ! ! !


    Give it a Like!! Or even better, comment!! Omg omg!! After 4 years, finally!!

    With English Subtitles!! :D

  • Out Now?!? Finally! Uh, I mean, can't wait to watch it!

  • I can't watch it streaming due to Iran's very low internet speed ...

    I wish I could download it and then watch it ...

    Is uploading using Bit-Torrent an option Silverwolfpet?
    I quote myself from the jekyl and Hyde thread, you never replied ...
    @Jon NA said: It would be great if you could publish you films using BitTorrent just like this free Web-Series does Andrei ...
    That way you didn't have to split them into 10 pieces for Youtube
    Also, Youtube is filtered here so ... :p

    Read more about it in:

  • So far, so good! People are e-mailing me, telling me how much they loved it! :D Considering all the subtitles and the difference in humor tastes, I'd call this a success!

    For those who haven't seen it yet, there are many people recommending it, not only me, so go see it!

    As for the BitTorrent idea... the file is 1Gb on streaming and 4Gb in it's normal state.
    I may upload it, but I don't think it would be much help, Jon_Na. You could try and let it load overnight... it's less data.

    I'm sorry, man... I can't really help you there. If you think BT will make it easier for you, I will announce you when I uploaded it, alright?

  • @Silverwolfpet said: As for the BitTorrent idea... the file is 1 Gb on streaming and 4 Gb in its normal state.

    Oh dear! That's one huge file for me!
    I thought it's 1.5 gigabytes maximum!

    @Silverwolfpet said: You could try and let it load overnight... it's less data.

    I can't unfortunately. My net speed is 0.12 megabit.
    I never download 4 gigabyte files. Heck, a typical 450 megabyte file takes 13~15 hours for me to download thanks to Ahmadinejad and Friends ... :mad:

    @Silverwolfpet said: I'm sorry, man... I can't really help you there. I may upload it, but I don't think it would be much help, Jon_Na. If you think BT will make it easier for you, I will announce you when I uploaded it, alright?

    It would. It really would be great for me.
    Thanks :) I'll look forward to that :)
    Also, If you could upload a lesser quality version (eg. 320 pixel) which is that's 1.5 GB maximum; That would be *really* amazing.

    Maybe you could upload it and share it on ... That way you could earn money in a form of donation, it's not forced (maybe there's a force plan as well, I don't know) from viewers too!

    EDIT: offers a great service. It doesn't take offer a chance for viewrs to donate, But they themselves always seed your torrent, So you only have to upload it once! I normal cases, and in, You should leave you BitTorrent client open unnless there are other people willing to seed (upload) your file 24/7 for new downloaders.
    So is highly recomended ...
    Oh, And it's also free! As is.

    PS: it's Jon NA not Jon_Na :p ;)
    Actually, It's supposed to be "Jon N/A" (NA with a pullyslash in the middle!) It's not unfortunatley due to an admin not renaming me to Jon N/A for whatever reason i'm not aware of ...

  • We're making interviews soon with the Cast! Got a question? Got ten questions?

    ...wanna ask ME something?? (ego-centric mode: ON)

    Ask it here:

    Anything you want to know, we'll cover it in the interviews.
    If you can't remember the actor's name, just ask for the character's name. :)

    Anything goes!
    (did I mention that you'll make us happy?)

  • Quick update: I finished 10 out of 11 interviews for the making of. We're closing in on the launch for it.

    In the meantime, I just launched the Soundtracks, for free, for your enjoyment. Yes, soundtrackS, because I included LOTR Parody 1 (from 2007) as well!


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