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The Legendary General Art Thread

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Well, we've got a Sam & Max Fanart Thread, a Monkey Island Fanart Thread, so why not a thread for art in general? We've obviously got a lot of talented artists on the Telltale forum, and it would be a shame to just restrict them to showing us just their Sam & Max and Monkey Island art. So if you've got any awesome art that you're proud of and want to share with us, post it here! It doesn't have to be an art piece of games, it could be movie art, art inspired by books, inspired by songs, art of bands or musicians, or something completely random; it can be of anything - as it is a place for art in general. So yeah, share, show us what you've got!

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  • 374815_10100117593972785_25400531_423887

    Promotional concept for the game. Quickie rough and scan.

  • I'm imagining the dialogue, "HA! Now that I have the magic sword, I'm ready for any attack!" Dragon behind him thinks, "Mmmmmmm, pretty toothpick!"

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    wow yoshi - your stuff outclasses all the other kq fanart. its well drawn, smart, and shows the character's style to boot.

  • strongbrush_v2_by_strongbrush1-d4h3uwd.p

    Hey, remember that picture i posted a while back that recieved absolutely zero attention?

    Well, I decided to post a new version of it. So here it is. Enjoy.

  • That's actually pretty cool fully coloured; I like it.

    I'm guessing that's the final version, or are you planning on making further changes and improvements?

  • @Hayden said: That's actually pretty cool fully coloured; I like it.

    I'm guessing that's the final version, or are you planning on making further changes and improvements?

    Depends on whether or not you think it's finished.

    But, yeah, I'm pretty happy with the results.

  • strongbrush_sprite_by_strongbrush1-d4hrr

    I'm beginning to suspect that I'm having too much fun with this Original Character.

  • Have a holly jolly Christmas!


  • @Radogol said: Here's some stuff I Photoshopped - well, Gimped, actually - for my King's Quest fangame.

    Dude all this stuff looks awesome! Please let us know when you have a version or at least a demo out. (I assume you intend to finish)...cause everyone needs more KQ in their lives :)

  • It's been a while since anything got posted in here, so I'll just leave this fanfic I wrote right here. It's Sam and Max related, yes, but it's a crossover You only get one guess as to what, based on the title.

    Sam and Max: Equestrian Idiots

    Written by- Alan Burkholder AKA StrongBrush1
    Sam and Max Series created by- Steve Purcell
    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic created by- Lauren Faust

    Chapter One

    There are more eight million people living in New York City today. The city itself is about 470 square miles altogether. It's the most heavily populated and arguably the most well known city in the United States, if not the world. With this many people living in one place, it's safe to safe that there are a few odd men roaming about, unnoticed by the wandering eyes of the average New York tourist, and some even unnoticed by the citizens themselves. In a tiny little apartment on the intersection of Straight Street and Narrow Road, we meet two such people. Except they're not really people, but whatever. I'd like you to meet the freelance police, a pair of animal gumshoes who will stop at nothing to stop crime and bring felons to justice.

    First, we have Sam, a six-foot-tall Irish wolfhound, who wears an XXL gray two piece suit (from Men's Wearhouse, no doubt), a matching fedora, and a tie that is striped black and blue. He always carries around his trusty six-shot .44 Magnum revolver, but he rarely gets a chance to use it properly. If you look in the apartment you can clearly see the impression Sam has left on the place. There are old scraps of paper, a chronically out-of-tune banjo, and Fudgie Freeze sticks all over the floor. Sam loves a good bluegrass song, and he shares his partner's love of junk foods. Aside from being essentially what one could refer to as a “lazy dog,” Sam does take his work seriously. Whenever there's a problem, he takes up the case immediately, and acts strictly according to the code of the freelance police (that he took the liberty of creating himself).

    However, our other new friend, Max, is not as by-the book as his friend Sam. Max is a three-foot-tall rabbit-like creature (no one is sure what species he is, but he refers to himself as a lagomorph) with serrated teeth and an equally razor-sharp wit. Max doesn't wear clothes, but he still never leaves the house without his sentimentally-valued Luger P08 (don't ask where he keeps it. It's none of your damn business.) As stated prior, Max loves junk food, but he also has a love of television. This is very unfortunate considering the TV in their office gets lousy reception. He doesn't mind much, though. In the grand scheme of things, Max mostly operates on his natural impulses. If he gets the feeling to do something, he acts on it, no matter the consequence. More often than not, though, this proves to come in handy when dealing with a psychotic villain, and Max prides himself on his work.

    Today however, something is not quite right in the world of these two lovable scamps. In the nearby alley, Sam and Max have found themselves at odds with one of the most infamous underground gangs in New York City, and something inside Sam's mind is not quite right.

    “Run, Max, ”shouted Sam as he sprinted down the trash-laden alleyway, “run as fast as you can! We've got to outrun these guys, little buddy!”

    “Okay, first of all,” said Max, getting irritated at his long-time friend, “you're holding me like a ragdoll. I can't exactly run anywhere. Second, what is it with you and heavily armed gunmen lately? You're acting like I'm going to get shot in the heart or something!”
    At the very mention of 'shot in the heart,' Sam cringed and held his little buddy even closer as they ducked and ran away from the shots that followed them. As much as he wanted to stay focused on getting Max to safety, he just couldn't shake the haunting image of his partner lying lifeless on the concrete. The image clouded his brain and tugged at his arteries. “I'm sorry, little buddy, but I just can't stand to lose you.”

    Max, getting more and more frustrated, had managed to loosen Sam's grip and turn himself around so he could get a good shot at the assailants. He fired off a couple warning shots, which seemed to slow the gang members down. “Ah, quit worrying about me so much,” he told Sam.”I'm going to be fine.”

    Sam suddenly realized that he had made a mistake heading into the alley. Instead of shaking off the attackers, he had backed himself and Max into a corner. He started to panic, but he stayed silent, because he knew that if he made a single sound, it would be the death of the both of them. However, Max noticed, when turning back around, that there was something up ahead. Something bright, and something unusual. “Sam,” inquired Max, “what is that thing up there?”

    Sam ceased his angst at once and took a look at the strange object around the corner. It was an enormous, orange-colored ray of energy, and it was sending off sparks from the wall on the opposite side of the alley. Sam was naturally just as confused as Max was right now. “I don't know, “ he said, “but I wonder how we never noticed that thing back here until now. If I had to venture a guess, I'd say it's a dimensional portal of some unknown nature.”

    Before they could ponder the mysterious orange beam of light any longer, they heard approaching footsteps and knew that they had two options. Option one: Stay in the alley and let the NYPD find their bullet-riddled corpses there the next morning. Option two: head into the mystical beam of tangerine light and see where it leads. “Should we go for it,” Sam asked quietly, “or should we head back?”

    Max, without a second thought, decided to go with option two. “Well, here goes nothing.” He took a running start, and leaped into the portal at warp speed. He felt a tingling sensation all throughout his fuzzy body, but he disregarded it. When he came out the other side of the portal he noticed he was in a dark tunnel, which suddenly turned into a grassy field. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed a large rock, and before he could react everything had suddenly gone dark and everything was quiet.

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