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The Discworld series

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We had a topic for Terry's the watch, so I figured it would be best if there was a topic regarding on his well known series Discworld. How many of you have read the books or played any of the games? I do know that there were only three of them. I only played half of Discworld 1(stopped it seeing that Scummvm crashed whenever I tired to load it) and I'm currently going through the second game.

I just finished reading Mort and got a huge kick out of it. So are there any Discworld fans on here?

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  • @corruptbiggins said: I know Residual is being worked on for Grim Fandango (& eventually Escape from Monkey Island) and I think another team is working on using that for Discworld Noir.

    Yes! That's the one I was thinking of! Now I won't have to wonder about that for the next week or so.

    Though for some reason, I thought it was something to do with resurrection.

    So they're still not finished, huh?

  • @Alcoremortis said: So they're still not finished, huh?

    I can't find much current info about it - either they're being very quiet with it or it's in a state of limbo. Most stuff I've read about it comes from 2009 (which is when it started I believe). But then I think development of Residual for Grim Fandango has stalled since then as well. In short I wouldn't expect anything any time soon.

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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff

    @KuroShiro said: There's really no reason to be put off by the huge number of books into the series, mostly because they are pretty neatly broken up into smaller sub-series, which mostly have 3-5 books in each and can be read together.

    That's right! Check out the handy-dandy reading order guide (click here for a larger version):


    'Tis a thing of great beauty.

    I've read most if not all of the books (kind of hard to remember exactly since that's been over maybe a 13 year period). Easily one of my most favourite series. It's more rewarding the more books you read, seeing this intricate world built up in such beautifully interwoven detail.

  • Discworld Noir ran perfectly on 7 for me. It always crashed on XP and vista so finally got to play it last year. I think you just have to avoid using the main menu save/load option, and instead just manage your saves using the F5 pop up. Or whatever the button is

  • Yeah the menu makes it crash or something but comaptibility mode'll get it to run at any rate as far as I can remember

  • Not read a single book yet, but I intend to change that.
    And when do get started, I am going to read them from top to bottom from the list at wikipedia or maybe from the guide.

    Watched 3 play troughs of Discworld Noir, I really like that game. :)

  • I tried to read "the colour of magic" years ago but found it EXTREMELY boring, I recently decided to make the attempt again , and while i still found it somewhat boring I powered through because I knew the reputation the books had...

    I finished tCoM and started "the light fantastic" and was amazed at the change, while the first book was kind of monotonous, dealing more with getting the reader familiarized with the features, cultures, and such of discworld, the 2nd book was actually very entertaining, I sped through the tLF and started "Equil Rites" and was hooked, I plan to read them all in the future,

    I however got sidetracked by "to kill a Mockingbird" because my college band is doing the full score from tKaM next month with special guest mary badham (scout) who will be narrating her memories of filming the movie, I have to read the book and rewatch the movie before that ^_^

  • Okies, back from the Australian Discworld Convention - Nullus Anxietas III and it was a huge amount of fun. Next big one will be Melbourne, 2013. But some of us are thinking of possibly having a smaller event in Adelaide or Brisbane next year, assuming a committee can be formed.

    As for future Discworld Computer games.... sorry, I didn't get the chance to ask Terry about it, and it didn't make it into the interview he did. So I don't know.

    For those of you in furrin parts who may wish to go to a Discworld Convention:
    - Dutch one is next month
    - American one is in July
    - German one is in October
    - Irish one is in November
    - and UK one is next year, probably August.

    If there isn't one in your area - why not get together a comittee of volunteers and get started?

  • Oh and another treat for you guys: If you'd like to help a fan-film of "Troll Bridge" get made, please support Snowgum Films via their Kickstarter Project. Promo video stars Cohen the Barbarian & Terry Pratchett!

  • Well here's something I've been working on for a while (well, me and 8 others):

    From the office of Mustrum Ridcully, Archancellor, Unseen University


    Dear People of the Discworld; and Students,

    We would like to invite you, one and all, to attend the Unseen University Convivium 2012, to be held at University of Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia, Roundworld, on July 6-8 2012.

    This will be a celebration of all things Wizardly and Discworldly, for afficionados of the ouvre of Professor Sir Terry Pratchett. The weekend shall include lectures, seminars, games, performances of an artistic nature, and much more.

    Of course, there will be a chance to experience one of UU's famous big dinners at Gaudy Night, and for those able to stay an extra day, on July 9th there will be a Winery and Gourmet Tour. After all, there's nothing wizards like more than dining and whining.

    Young Stibbons told me to include the following nonsense:

    You can find out more information and purchase tickets by
    - Looking on the website:
    - Liking us on Facebook:
    - Following us on Twitter:
    - Sending enquiries via email to:

    Yours academically,

    Mustrum Ridcully,
    Archancellor, Unseen University

    View this memorandum as a video at

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