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Uhm. Wtf?

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So yeah, first of. I am a huge JP fan and i am still looking very much forward to the game. Did pre order it from Steam and the Deluxe Edition. But.. But..

I remember when it got delayed back in april i think it was? And i was fine with it, was kinda bummed, but still.

Now the game is finally coming ! And couldnt be happier. And i am sitting here counting the minutes. But something is up here.

The game was supposed to be released 19:00 on Steam today. Atleast where i am from (Denmark) Then it got moved a few hours to 23:00.. Now it got moved again to 01:00.

May i please ask how the fuck can it be, that the game gets delayed a few hours continuosly right now? The game have to be finished. That is a given.

But who the hell is, right now, sitting in an office, putting a delay button for a few hours? Sure i will still get the game and still as excited. But it is a tiny bit annoying that when you are sitting and waiting to play the game, and the game keeps getting delayed.

Anyone that know why this is happening? Thanks.

P.S. This game will be beast !

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  • They're not pushing a delay button. The "countdown" on Steam is not entirely accurate. In fact, it's nothing more than a guess. That's right. A guess. Shot in the dark. They have no idea when the game will be ready to download.

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    divisionten Moderator

    It is not delayed. Telltale has said numerous time that the game will be released between 9 am and 6 pm telltale time. Telltale is on the USA's west coast, and it isn't even 1pm yet. They are not late.

  • I know that they dont have a button named "Delay". Was more like a dumb joke. But it just feels weird when the release have been 15th of november for so long, and almost all the rest of the countdowns are correct on Steam. Now its 01:00 16th of november.

  • So if i am unlucky, i will be able to play the game at 05:00 in the morning, my time? Dont say go to bed then. I have a fucked day rhythm :)

  • It might be the 16'th where you are, but it's 12:30pm on the 15'th where Telltale is located. The game hasn't been delayed. It will be released today.

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