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My favorite character

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i really liked billys team mate i was really sad what happen to him =( i was sooooo pissed at what happen to him

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  • Yup, Hispanic Brock Samson Oscar is pretty much the best character in the game.

  • @Shadowknight1 said: Cheers%2521.jpg

    To Oscar!! The bad-ass merc with a heart of gold!

    Here Here!

  • now I got that PS3 commercial in my head. To Oscar!

  • @Johro said: now I got that PS3 commercial in my head. To Oscar!

    As much of a Nintendo fanboy as I am, that commercial was AWESOME.

    But yeah, Oscar was just plain awesome. Took out a raptor with a knife, got past so many others to hit that switch even as the pack leader's teeth dug into him.

  • Oscar was definately one of the best characters. I don't think anyone expected him to be so like-able. His death was probably the hardest to take for me as a player. I didn't expect Sorkin to die so that was unexpected. I also thought yoder would survive…until…he got greedy.

    The moment where Oscar fights the raptor in the dark and ends up killing him was one of the nicest moments in the game.

  • The most hilarious character during QTE's has to be Gerry. When you mess up he trips and stumbles.

    Even when you don't half the time it looks like he's just fumbling around barely getting away.

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