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i cried at the end :$

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the game was beautiful , no words can describe how amazing everything played out to be , the story was spectacular and i love how when they first get to the visitor center the heli is leaving with grant and the group , i loved how the person who loved the island so much was the one who wanted everyone dead at the same time.
the t-rex was breath taking
and this go for everyone else who played the game. the dilo scenes WERE THE BEST THING IN THE WHOLE GAME!!!!:eek:
i was scared but amazed at the same time..

Thankyou so much !!!! please continue with gerry going to site B .. please!!!

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  • @Shadowknight1 said: As awesome as the rest of the game was, my favorite part was Sorkin's Journal. Really made me happy that they decided to "canon"-ize the idea that all the screwy-ness in the dinos as far as size and abilities, ie. the Dilos, were a result of Wu's DNA splicing.

    The only thing that confused me, and maybe someone from the team can explain it. As far as Harding would have known, there would have been a grand total of THREE Velociraptors in Jurassic Park. Muldoon even states: "We bred eight originally, but when she(the big one) came in, she took over the pride and killed all but two of the others." Obviously upon entering the Visitor's Center, one raptor is definitely accounted for as he finds the dismembered foot of one. So shouldn't he have been saying, "What the hell?!" upon seeing three raptors coming at him? And there were a total of five? Harding or Sorkin should have commented on that.

    The last thing going through my mind when being encountered by raptors would be wondering where they came from. It would be "fuck, raptors, I need to get out of here"

  • Learn how to post SPOILERS!!!:mad:

  • @Metro said: Learn how to post SPOILERS!!!:mad:

    I think the title makes it clear enough that the discussion is about the end of the game lol:rolleyes:

  • Ahhhh, so those raptors were meant to replace the ones that the big one killed, I get it.

    Also...the journal referred to Ray ALLEN. Was there a licensing issue where you couldn't call him Ray Arnold?

  • The head crushing death in episode 4 was one of the best lol.

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