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Action figures?

posted by sebastiaan.raats on - last edited - Viewed by 830 users

No other Telltale property (as far as I know) has ever lent itself so good for an action figure line. Heck, Hasbro has half of the molds available and could just re-release them painted to look like the Telltale versions.

What I'd like to see:

Gerry Harding (a must), with Herrerasaurus hatchling
Jess Harding, with Triceratops hatchling
Dr. Sorkin with Parasaurolophus hatchling
Billy with Troodon hatchling
Oscar with knife (duh) and Raptor hatchling
Nima with Dilophosaurus hatchling

T-Rex (several molds already exist)
Raptors (preferably the classic action figure from series 1 with updated paintjob)
Dilophosaurus (same as the raptor)
Triceratops (preferably the unreleased one from The Lost World, maybe put the name "Lady Margaret" somewhere on the box)
Parasaurolophus (once again, an awesome mold already exists)
Pteranodon (same)
Herrerasaurus (would be a new sculpt)
Troodon (perhaps a two-pack like the JP series 1 Coelophysis)
Mosasaurus (with Nima, Jess or Gerry in diving gear)

Gas-powered Jeep (retooled from the original release to match the 'real' one)
Helicopter (with exclusive D-Caf figure)

So yeah, I realize this 90% likely won't happen, despite the fact that Hasbro wouldn't mind making more money and that most of the molds for such a line are readily available.

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