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  • There's already a thread about this. In another part of the game, a second boat is mentioned. This was probably a back up and they probably brought the money with them, but something got to the people on the boat, which is why it was abandoned.

  • Huh okay, I looked for another possible thread about this but found nothing. Guess I've gotta play it again.

  • Well, I think it's kind of assumed at this point that any time Miles or Nima were talking about a boat, they couldn't mean the freighter at the East Dock. Also, Nima was always adamant about getting to the North Dock. This was probably going to be Nedry's escape plan. He'd have delivered the embryos to Miles at the East Dock, went back, put the park systems back in order(that was his intention in the novel at least), then left on the boat at the North Dock the following day with the rest of his money.

  • It's obviously Nedry's bag of money that disappears after he receives it from Dodgson in the first film. (Look closely in that scene)

  • Aren't we told early in the game that Niama has to get to the docks and deliver the canister to INGEN, we pretty much are left to assume they would bring the money then aren't we?
    We also are told that the people on the boat must've been eaten.

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