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Xbox T-rex avatar prop

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Can't say I wasn't disappointed that the t-rex was pre-order only. Anyone have one they'd be willing to trade? I know it's a long shot, but I've got Master Chief armor from Halo Anniversary to trade for it if anyone's into that.

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  • I just got mine tonight... had to ask a friend who works for gamestop. They have to print out the code.

    The way it works (i think) is they pretend like they made a pickup sale for a preordered version of the game, print out the receipt that has the code, then just return it.

    If you've got any friends at Gamestop, this is the best suggestion :)

  • I don't, unfortunately. I doubt I'll ever get one either. This game isn't exactly hugely popular, so I don't know how many codes are even out there. Why couldn't velociraptor have been pre-order only instead? :(

  • if you see my post about the t-rex avatar a couple posts down... you'll see the apparently even the Telltale guys think the T-rex is pretty sweet... and it seems IMMENSELY popular.

    given that, I'm thinking they will eventually release it for a small fee to download on the marketplace like the rest of the avatar.

    BTW, I'm asking my gamestop frioends to see if they can spare 1 more code. If so, I'll send it to you (for the t-rex that is)

  • If you could, that would be amazing! :D

  • yeah, i sent him a FB message... and he doesnt get off work until tongiht... so keep an eye on your PM's

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