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Quite a week, I will be around if you want to talk about it

posted by dancon Telltale Staff on - last edited - Viewed by 5.6K users

Hi Everyone, I am just putting up some shelves but I will be checking this thread. We had quite a week this week If you want to ask me about it I will answer what I can.


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  • First of all I have been really critical lately I speak/write my mind and have been responsible for the thread that spun completly out of control.

    For that I am sorry because I respect you guys, because you have not let some huge company buy you up, and you make the games that YOU want to make not what some big time studio tells you to do.

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    dancon Telltale Staff

    Hi Warp

    Thanks for the apology giving your opinion is cool and I think Telltale's forums have always been a friendly and open place. I definitely worry when things start getting personal and people lose perspective. Everyone is here because they are interested in games and that shared interest is a good thing. Frankly if you don't like something we do at least you care enough that it matters to you.

    As far as what we build our mission has not changed we want to make games with great stories and characters. Answering the question of how you keep a plot and story engaging while giving the player control is a huge one for the industry. Certainly the industry has solved the confront character and kill him her or it problem. We are more interested in interacting with the character in a tangible way that is part of the development of the character and the story. We might do some things you don't like in the process, but we are just going keep learning and pushing and iterating until we get it right.

  • @GuruGuru214 said: Wait, what? I'd never thought of a Gorillaz adventure game before, and the idea has blown my mind.

    The funny thing is that Gorillaz made one for Plastic Beach.

    Dan, any plans for a wholly original IP game (not counting the first Hold'em)? Telltale have been mentioning it for years.

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    dancon Telltale Staff

    Hi JP
    Great to hear from you. I quess Nelson Tethers doesn't count cause Graham doesn't work here anymore and it is based on the Grickle style. Which reminds Nelson should have been in my favorite characters post.

    There are a few ideas that we could do. The RD project we are working on could go that way. The thing I like about original concepts is you can marry the story and the gameplay together from the beginning so they support each other. As we try to bring in new devices and platforms it may require an original concept to make it all work.

  • @jp-30 said: The funny thing is that Gorillaz made one for Plastic Beach.

    Oh, right, that. That hardly registered on my radar as a full game, and since it was stopped in the middle the last time I tried playing it, I'd forgotten about it. I'll have to give it another shot sometime.

  • Thanks Dan, my breath remains bated.

    Also, me & the lad are loving Jurassic Park on the iPad - gonna be odd to have to switch to PC to play the remaining 3 eps if we can't wait for the iPad releases. Is there a schedule for eps 2-4? Approx monthly?

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    dancon Telltale Staff

    We are currently focused on 2. It will likely be quicker than monthly but we are going to go over all 3 with a fine tooth comb so that might make it take longer. I am glad you are enjoying it.

  • Hi Dan. One of the things I liked about the first two Sam & Max DVD's was being able to watch the gameplay videos without commentary. Is there any chance of that happening on future releases?

    Also, will there be any more official releases of any of the soundtracks?

  • Great Scott! Dan's answering! :D
    Some tricky questions for you:

    1) How you will improve the beta testing (expecially on PCs)? As the products become more complex it seems that you're having hard times to get a product without glitches (as it was until Wallace&Gromit). It will stay the same or can we expect some big change in how you handle it?

    2) When there will be a new version of the TT engine? Now there are a lot of new tecnologies available (DX11, tessellation, HDR, etc.), and it seems that the old TT engine struggles a bit when the scenes are too complex and requires to elaborate a lot of polygons. Have you ever considered to rent an external render engine (Unreal Engine, Frostbite 2)?

    3) Given that most of the user find the episodes too easy (at least it's what I feel) and a general lack of challenge, will the general difficulty improve in the next series? Can be possible to have an "easy mode" and a "difficult mode" for each game?

    4) There's too much talking on the forum about other languages still not covered by the official releases - expecially Spanish and Italian. There's hope to have such languages on the future products? Ever thought about selling the additional subtitles (I would pay 5$ more to a localized game) and make the subtitles files on your store?

    5) Why press copy doesn't arrive earlier? Was the missing press copy of JP a marketing choice?

    6)There will be another collaboration with Straandlooper?

    Thanks, Dan.
    Still loving your Company, and trusting you all! ;)

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    Dlenart Telltale Staff

    @Bloody Eugene said: Given that most of the user find the episodes too easy (at least it's what I feel) and a general lack of challenge, will the general difficulty improve in the next series? Can be possible to have an "easy mode" and a "difficult mode" for each game?

    Not trying to hijack Dan's thread here because he is the man when it comes to answers, but I just wanted to chime in and get a bit of clarification regarding one of your questions. Do you mean that basically at the beginning of the series, the player would get an option (in the title screen, say) that would basically say "normal - I'm just here for some fun" or "hard - I'm an experienced adventure gamer" and then depending on the player's choice they would get the same game, just with some of the hand holding bits missing (hints would still be available on both settings if needed though of course). We tried a more limited version of that with BTTF where the title screen allowed players to show the "goals" popup UI or not, but it probably didn't have quite the effect you were looking for if I'm reading into your question correctly.

    I've heard it suggested before that if the puzzle was say, to find an object hidden in a room that the "normal" setting would basically have a camera cut when the character enters the room that would show the basic area where the item is hidden, pointing the player in the right direction. If the player was using the "hard" setting, that same scene would instead just show the character enter the room and look around with no suggestion as to where to start looking. Is that kind of what you're thinking? I think it's an interesting idea so I wanted to probe a bit more :)

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