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Wednesday's the day!

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As everyone who's subscribed to the newsletter already knows (or will find out shortly when they check mail), we've set a date... the Cow Race will be here on April 12.

Only 6 days! :D

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    Aaahh, I can't order the packaged version...

    or more correctly: I could order it, but only with UPS International shipping which would cost me more than twice of what the game itself costs... Theres is no option for "non-UPS" standard international shipping (which was there a while ago). :(((

  • Hmm. I'll look into this for you.

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    I had the exact same problem.
    I just ended up paying the price for UPS International since I just couldn't wait any longer to play bone! (If a holiday shouldn't be used sitting around waiting for Bone, then what should it be used for? :P)
    I guess it's too late to change if the shipping issue get fixed though :/

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    [quote]Aaahh, ...

    ... Theres is no option for "non-UPS" standard international shipping (which was there a while ago). :((([/quote]

    Yeah quite. I'm in the UK and the UPS postage rate makes a nonsense of the total unit cost of buying the 'real' thing rather than the download. I'd totally dig having a real cd in a package but the delivery cost that is offered is prohibitive.
    I'm going tp be watching this thread for mention of a non-UPS option returning in the future.

    Meanwhile i'll noodle around in the demo.

  • Hi guys!

    I just checked in with Troy and he is working on the shipping issue right now. There will be a cheaper international shipping offer, so just hold off on ordering for a little while. We'll let you know when it's fixed.

    Rayman, we'll be able to switch your order to the cheaper option once it's been fixed.

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    Thanks Emily, that's great to hear! :)
    It seems my order didn't quite go through anyways :/
    I entered all my details (including credit card) and got to the final page..But no download link..When I try to register the demo it says that my payment didn't go through and that I need to pay again, so no cow race for me currently :/
    Who do I need to contact? (and should I with the possibility of my order changing when the shipping method is fixed...?)..
    I wanted to order some other stuff as well, but it just wouldn't let me (primarily a Sam & Max T-shirt)..

  • We're looking into this. Have you already send an email to customer support?

    I think the problem ordering a t-shirt is related to the shipping issue. Hopefully when we resolve the international shipping problem, that problem will go away too. (We don't want to deny you your Sam & Max shirt! :)))

    EDIT: I'm going to send you a private message - please check your PM inbox in a few minutes.

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    Ok, international postal is back, BUT: Why is shipping for Bone 2 (13.95) more expensive than for Bone 1 (9.95)?

  • Good question! I'll see what I can find out on that.

    EDIT: This is fixed!

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