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Jurassic Park in Europe (PS3)

posted by shaun_purdy1234 on - last edited - Viewed by 1.5K users

Firstly i apologise to anyone who (like me) came here looking for the answer to when JP is going to be released on PS3 in Europe / Australia / etc. If you have then please join me in venting about the lack of information.

So onto my rant, and i really hope someone at Telltale is actually reading this.

I'm aware of a sticky thread with the following comment:

PSN: we are working hard to get the game out on PSN in Europe at the same time as it hits in North America. We'll keep you posted on developments.

I've seen no updates anywhere, that isn't exactly keeping consumers updated. On the contrary i've seen countless times the same question asked (and i'm not just blaming Telltale here it's SCEE aswell) and no answer.

Everytime i come to Telltales site it frustrates me that Telltale seem to either aim their website at the US and don't expect anyone from the rest of the world to visit or they just plain don't see the rest of the world as worth their time. For example on your front page i just read:

PlayStation 3, iPad 2 and Xbox 360 versions also available. Click the INFO button below to find out more.

Having clicked the magical INFO button i see a load of 'info' but no answer, in fact it would seem according to the 'info' that it's actually released on PS3. Again, Europe doesn't count.

So, i ask this one more time.

When can we expect Jurassic Park to release on PS3 in Europe?

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    The reasons have been made very, very clear by MacFly77 by now, and complaining won't help a bit. It's only been one mere week since this game was released on PC. And if Sony is indeed not satisfied with the present build, PS3 players could actually profit from a longer validation process. Some years back, there could be several months between different platform releases of a game.

    It's really somewhat depressing that all the people in here are already talking about the game, and I understand that, but just a little more patience could be advised here.

    Bleib ruhig, das kommt schon noch! ;)

  • Back to the Future wasn't even on PSN(NA) until the PC releases were on what? Episode 3? It happens. And it very well could be the people complaining about the little glitches in the NA release that is holding it up.

  • Hi.

    I have Jurassic Park: The Game for PS3. I have an American friend studying at my university and generously shared their account so that I can play this game.

    European friends, dont worry, really. I will not tell the story of the game but if I say that is very slow, the buttons of the commands fail on occasion and frames fall precipitously. The animation sequences or when you finish a history segment is removed from the frozen image for 2-3 seconds and a black screen that says "loading". This happens about 8-9 times per episode and the story loses momentum, it becomes very heavy for this reason. In some scenes of action on the Ep.4, the frame is too low, almost to freeze the image, then follow fluid 2 seconds and re-freeze the picture.

    This is my review for the PS3 version. 5/10.


  • Those would be the ones. Others have complained of the same about the N.A. PSN release. I hope the EU version runs better for you folks.

  • Still no JP Game on EU PSN this week.

    Please Telltale, tell us what's going wrong.

  • When is jurasic park the game going to be available to purchase in europe on play station 3.

  • There is no release date yet. It looks like they're still going back and forth with Sony. Keep an eye on updates here and here.

  • No JP on the EU Store this week... again! Come on Telltale, what's going on?

  • Many people in europe are excited about this but when the game was released they soon relised it wasnt avaliable in europe.

    When or will we be seeing the game coming to europe before christmas? on ps3?

  • They've now revealed on the EU Blog why it's been delayed.

    Now there has been issues with this, technical ones that my little brain can’t comprehend. However hopefully it will be with us soon (before christmas) but don’t quote me on that as with anything technical it is out of my hands.

    I wonder if it's because of the amount of glitches and bugs that people are reporting about. It doesn't make Telltale look good if it is due to glitches.

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