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Remember Peter Jacksons King Kong Game ???

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Recently I thought about the official game to Peter Jacksons King Kong.

I especially remember the Encounters as a human with the T-Rex (or V-rex :))wich where so well designed. The T-Rex was always the ultimate threat, a symbol for fear, and in that game it was so intense fleeing, hiding and distracting the invincible monster. But I couldnt help but thinking how much better this would be in a Jurassic Park-Game.

Is there any chance that there will be similar passages in telltales game? Playing some parts of the game in first person with this kind of survival-gameplay? Would fit to the scenario and I think first person is the only way of delivering the feel of this kind of scenes adequatly. Also it would be a nice reminiscense to the old SNES-Game, wich had first person-passages as well. Just dont know if their engine would allow something like this.

Some vids of what I'm talking about:

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