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sarcasm/getting things off your chest thread before getting banned

posted by bloodkiller630 on - last edited - Viewed by 79 users

Think of some people that are like this besides me lol, i do sarcasm, but forget to add it in posts, so anyone who wants to get sarcasm off their chest post away here, before you get almost to the point where moderators ban you from the page, any threads that you think are silly, and dumb post here to, just getting the madness and evil out of you before almost getting banned like i did! so here you go! the sarcasm thread/madness evil dudes thread

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  • This is a pretty bad idea, I think.

    Instead of this thread, I have an alternate solution: If you have something you think would be appropriate for a thread like this, don't post it at all! Everyone will be happier.

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