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First trailer and information

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I figured this deserved its own topic. Props to Gibbeynator for finding the trailer in the first place. Behold:

My feelings on the trailer (copied from the previous topic):

I don't watch Law & Order, but it's pretty cool that they're taking all these different versions of L&O and are throwing them together. Not sure about the graphics though, feels like a bit of a step back from more recent Telltale games. Perhaps because Ipod and Ipad seem to be the main platforms this time around (with PC & Mac coming later? A bit weird if true, as the PC-versions have always been there on day 1).

I like that the game has branching storylines based on how you play. Jurassic Park had a little bit of that, which I enjoyed, and Walking Dead seems to have that even more. Very exciting. Oh, and 7 episodes? That's crazy! Maybe they're shorter than what we're used to (which also seems logical if the game is targeted at mobile platforms)?

I'm still not sure if this is a game for me, but can some of the fans (or developers!) recommend me some of the best Law & Order episodes? I'm especially interested if it stars one of the characters of the game, I guess.

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