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Your favourite tipples...

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...because unwinding with a drink at the end of a long hard day's one of lifes greatest simple pleasures. Plus getting drunk's fun!

What do you drink when putting your feet up or painting the town?

I myself favour:


Powers Gold Label: A great drink that needs no mixer, one for pot still and grain whiskey fans. Best enjoyed by the fire in your favourite easy-chair.


Bushmills Original: A good whiskey you can drink all night long, smooth and full of flavour. Think Southern Comfort but not as sweet or fruity.


When it comes to lagers I think the Dutch are the best. In Holland you can get some fantastic blonde beers, but I don't live in Holland, ergo I like Grolsch. It's quite a strong brew, as largers go it's not too bitter either. Very thick and distinctive, one of the best domestic lagers available. Fantastic drink for sharing out at a party.


Because i'm a walking stereotype.

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