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Now, this one is weird: TT games make my computer whine?

posted by Zappanale on - last edited - Viewed by 185 users

Hi, here's a weird one.
TT games play great on my pc- I'm playing puzzle agent now. Here's the thing: Whenever I do, my PC makes a weird whining sound. It's not from the speakers- Set them to mute and it still goes. Minimize or otherwise click out of the game (say to go to a web browser) and it stops, only to start again when you go back to the game.

I know this sounds like the only possible answer is aliens, or maybe magnets, but I swear this is a real thing.

Here's my PC specs...
W7 home premium 64 bit
gtx 570
intel i5 2500 k
8 gigs ram

Any ideas? Ta

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