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Its been a week and I still have not received a response to my email. They sent me the wrong shirt. They gave me the skeleton silhouette shirt instead of the Jurassic Park red distressed shirt. Also the back to the future shirt I received is faded. I want either a refund on that part of the order or a replacement of those two shirts. Thanks.

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  • I replied to your email on December 25'th and requested information from you. You never got back to me and you didn't clarify which shirts were incorrectly shipped in the initial email. I'll create a new order for you now, including a new Back to the Future shirt, however, keep in mind that those shirts are "distressed" by design. They're meant to look faded.

  • I checked my spam folder and didnt see your response. The only email I got was the automated we received your request. What information do you need? Thanks for responding quickly.

  • None now, because you mentioned the specific shirts in your post here. Not sure why you didn't receive my email, because I show it being sent here at around 9pm PST. Anyway, I created a new order for you, so you should get the new shirts soon, and I apologize for the inconvenience.


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