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Jurassic Park game-breaking bug

posted by lordvader900 on - last edited - Viewed by 783 users

Hey, everyone.

I just downloaded Jurassic Park and I am stuck at the scene in Episode 1 where the Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops are preparing to fight and Harding has to climb out from under the fence. I push the first action button (RB + right stick up) and nothing happens, and the tyrannosaur proceeds to crush me underfoot. I am playing on PC with a 360 controller, and switching over to mouse control does nothing either. So is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? If I am doing something wrong, please don't say what I'm missing.

By the way, amazing game so far!

FIX: Look a bit below!

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  • You have to press the keys really fast to pass beneath the gate. (I mean really fast)

  • Thanks, Burunuu - you're right: reallyreally fast.

  • Ok,somehow Jess keeps dying in the battle between Triceratops and T-Rex cause I am not able to push ONE BUTTON REPEATEDLY FAST ENOUGH.

    I don't get past this scene and died for the last 20 minutes which is about 30 tries before I was angry as hell and cursed this freaking game.

    It's just not possible to push the key fast enough,and this has nothing to do with "making a game more difficult" or "you have to be clever to do this".
    It's just anoying as hell.

  • If you are playing on pc, try to low the graphics in the menu and see if it helps with the timing issue for QTE.

  • Ok, not sure if this is a bug, but I'm putting the Bone Shaker's carts together in the order it says, and nothing is happening

  • It seems like both nimmzewi and I are experienceing the same bug - hitting B (or whatever arrow key) continueously and nothing is happeneing. This must be a bug, because restarting the scenario does nothing either.

    Well, I'll be trying again tonight. We'll see if it works after a restart. If not, I'm going to try that latest ATI driver patch and see if it helps. Could someone please put a link to it for a Radeon 5500 HD?

    Oh, and from what FankyMaloon says, that is a solution, but shouldn't you only have to push the buttons once? I mean, it doesn't ever tell you to push the buttons repeadeadly by showing a pulsing button icon on-screen, so shouldn't that be a bug too? I think we need a patch already, unless it's just the people here.

  • Just an update, I reset it and it works fine :-)

  • I figured out the fix, for anyone having the same problem!

    You have to set the "graphics quality" to high, not Very High. Then you must restart the entire episode - no joke. You lose the DoF effect and a bit of shading, but it fixes the glitch. And that's better than not playing at all, isn't it? (In fact, the game was so good I didn't mind playing it again.)

  • I'm having both of these problems in this sequence as well. Picked up JP in the Steam sale despite hearing a lot of negative word of mouth because I'm a fan of Telltale's stuff. This is really souring me though. I'm not going to play through the whole episode again with lowered graphics just to get to this point.

    Wasn't this the sequence you guys showed off during the PR cycle? How did this get through press demos? Seriously? This needs a patch desperately.

  • Still nothing from Telltale? This is clearly reproducible if we have this many people getting the error. Let us know if you need system specs, dxdiags or save games or whatever. But you really do need to address this.

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