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Remolay is the best at everything! (specifically...)

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This is a thread where we discuss various things that Remolay is best at, since he claims to be best at everything.

You can comment on previous posts, and/or use photoshopped images of him doing something at which he claims to be the best (ie. everything), but you also must include in each post something else that Remolay is supposedly best at.

Remolay himself is exempt from that last rule because his claims also includes being best at posting in this thread, so he doesn't need to gloat about what else he is best at (though he can if he so chooses.)

@Remolay said: Everyone sucks and I am the best.

@Remolay said: you are the best at sucking?

@Remolay said: Naturally, for I am the best at everything!

@Remolay said: So, then you're also the best at diving head first into a wood chipper or at having your face eaten off by a rabid taxi driver? Prove it. :)

@Remolay said: You find me a rabid taxi driver and you have a deal.

@Remolay said: This also means that you claim to be the best at wearing Donald Trump as a hat.

@Remolay said: *Starts writing letters to TF2 programmers*

@Remolay said: Well... I would be, but when I tried he had me ejected out of the building.
(Why am I having this much fun with this?)

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