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Sam & Max!

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Dude. (Express excitement.)

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    Hey, that doesn't mean that I can't ask. They can always change the development plans. :p

  • yeah I'm also down for the non episode release. I hope that the csi game isn't done by episodes either....

  • [quote]>>Will Telltale’s game be based on the cancelled Sam & Max Freelance Police game?

    Cancelled Sam & Max Freelance Police game? What cancelled Sam & Max Freelance Police game?[/quote]

    Freakin' hilarious.

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    it'll be nice if they're on dvd release, i can't even find the tapes! :))

    It's very nice indeed to see that S&M will again one day cause further reduction of my already depleted brain cells... :D

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    Bahhh, Brimming with excitement right now. I was so crushed after the first cancellation I switched platfoms, Im doubting TT will release anything for OSX. Perhaps Ill have to bust out the old machine... Still... cant.. contain.. joy.

    oh and OftenK I love your avatar I just saw TL/RX last night and they were amazing!

  • [quote]yeah I'm also down for the non episode release. I hope that the csi game isn't done by episodes either....[/quote]

    CSI is a straight-to-retail product, as far as I understand, so that won't be episodic.

    But I'm all for Sam&Max being episodic, I've always had a soft spot in my heart for episodic games, that's ONE of the reasons i've been following Telltale so closely (well, apart from them having Sam&Max in the first place, Bone, the team's track record and so on.. heh)

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    lets go back to 1993..

    young impressionable 13 year old boy finds his new favorite game.. Spends hours laughing uncontrollably at Sam and Max!

    1995: finds a pretty kool and rarely updated sam and max web site online!

    somewhwre in here: buys the collected sam and max! takes it to school to read and relive the boredom

    1997? learn sam and max is coming to a tv screen near me!

    Watches Sam and Max the tv show get cancelled :(

    hangs around sam and max sites waiting for news..

    Some news on a forum about steve doing a new syndicated sam and max comic strip!

    - It never happens :(

    Steve says the last page in the collected is a future sam and max comic he's working on..

    it never comes out :(

    2000 kinda i think
    A new sam and max game in outer space!!!
    screen shots and artwork up..

    That company goes out of business! :(

    Lucasarts announce sam and max 2! could this finally be it?

    Press begins to appear we are heading close to an 11 year dream(hit the road is still this guys favorite game ever!)

    DEvastation!!! sam and max 2 cancelled!

    Devastation! Lucasarts act like [*edit: not nice people]!

    Starts save sam and max web site in all the anger..

    some german guy pretends he has the ability to buy freelance police off lucasarts

    devastation! hes full of shit!

    November 10: 2005 : Pure Bliss.. Sam and Max is coming .... for real this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (if it idoesnt im offing myself haha)

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its a wonderful feeling when you've been through 12 years of sam and max development and cancellation hell.. hey I'm 25 now and i'm well and truly ready for some kick ass Sam and Max action! woo!

    [*edited by Heather]

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    I think you need to update your site Hiero... Sam and Max have been SAVED!!

  • I think it says Steve Purcell may make a few new comic strips. Does this make anyone else pants-wettingly excited? Maybe Telltale will be so kind as to sell some Sam and Max merchandise on their site? If so I will buy anything/everything they care to throw my way. Being 15 now and about 3 when the game came out means I was a little too young to actually appreciate the absolute wonderfulness of the crime-fighting duo. Now I treasure them above all else. I did see one or two of the episodes when I was in Australia once though.

  • Yay for tie-ins! Like the complete cartoonstipworksbooks, the cartoon series archive on dvd(if the rights include those), new animations, new cartoon books, max plush dolls, world domination kits, cats, dogs, and ofcourse a couple of hundred game-episodes.

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