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Available on PC/Mac

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For those who don't know this game is now available on PC and Mac and those who buy the season will have access to first three episodes right off the bat, with the rest on the way.

More details on the blog.

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  • So I completed the first three episodes (on PC) and I thought I'd share some quick impressions.

    It obviously has a bit of a lower budget than other Telltale games, and it also quite clearly started as an iDevice game. I should also probably mention that I have never watched a full episode of Law & Order. Still, the gameplay is rather intriguing. I choose not to use the transcript and answer every question from memory, which makes the game much more enjoyable to me (even though it means getting things wrong more often). I'm also not immediately replaying scenes in order to get a perfect score - I'm leaving that for a second playthrough. All of this adds to my favourite element of this series: the way the player can shape the story.

    I honestly wasn't expecting so much of that, to be honest. It makes perfect sense for the license of course. After playing episode 1 I decided to play the other two episodes (and replay the first one) with a couple of friends. It honestly is the perfect game to play with friends - especially the courtroom scenes take on a whole new dimension that way. We had some great discussions(/fights?) trying to decide the fate of the persons on trial. The different endings really add something to this game. I'm especially intrigued by the ending of the third episode. We decided to go for a full conviction for both of those dudes, and it seemed that that didn't give us the 'best' ending. I rather liked that. It means that whatever gives you a perfect score isn't decided by some gamey factor like 'give them the highest possible sentence', but by understanding the story and making a plea when it makes more sense in terms of plot development. Stuff like that, and other ways in which your choices affect the story, make this game a very exciting addition to the Telltale library. I hope Telltale continues in this direction (Devil's Playhouse, BttF and Jurassic Park all had some small story changes depending on player choices, and it seems Walking Dead will go a lot further in that direction). It really makes story-driven games a lot more interesting when the player plays a more active role in the plot.

    I'm looking forward to the other episodes (are they released on a monthly schedule?) and replaying the episodes I already have to see how I can change the outcome of the story. Oh, and I wanted to compliment you guys on the writing. 'Anonymous' in the first episode especially got great laughs from our group.

    Edit: One other little thing that I rather liked (although I don't know if it was intentional): I liked that this game continues the Sam & Max Season 1/CSI 3-tradition of ending each case with a discussion about food. The first two episodes did that at least, not too sure about the third one.

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    RyanKaufman Telltale Staff

    Tjibbbe, I'm glad you enjoyed the series! I'm also REALLY glad you got to experience it with friends.

    To me, a group setting (or even with one other person) is really the ultimate way to experience Law & Order. There is always lots of arguing and debate when we playtest the game with other people here-- and that's on purpose!

    The next episodes will be coming very soon. (I just finished recording the 107 script, and production is beginning on 106 already.) Not sure about the PC rollout dates... but it will be soon!

  • It's good to hear positive stories about this game!

    The Steam version just released an hour ago for 17 dollars/euros. I'm a bit disappointed that Telltale doesn't have fair prices on Steam anymore like they used to, but the game seems worth playing.

  • Yeah, what's up with the cheaper Steam price? It's only three dollars but still, it seems strange that it would be offered for less (until February 7th) on Steam than on Telltale's own site.

  • @Woodsyblue said: Yeah, what's up with the cheaper Steam price? It's only three dollars but still, it seems strange that it would be offered for less (until February 7th) on Steam than on Telltale's own site.

    Steam does discounts a lot, especially when it comes to pre-orders.

  • Does anyone know when episodes 4-7 are coming out?

  • @nomecopies said: This year.

    Thank you Captain Obvious, any obvious issues you want to let us know that we already know?

  • PC version: why the lastest episodes (4 & 5) were installed on "my documents" folder in my Hard Disk (C:) , instead of the folder and Hard Hisk I choosed when installing the first three (D:)?

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