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Puzzle Agent 2 (Steam) Olav's Cabin bug

posted by Draenys on - last edited - Viewed by 905 users

Hi! I've a bug that's (as far as I can tell) stopping progression in my Puzzle Agent 2 game. I've reloaded the save a few times and verified the integrity through Steam, neither of which have worked.

The game has worked fine up to this point, but after finding Olav's tape recorder behind the Galileo portrait, I have a few problems.

-I am unable to use the desk / pedestal that has the mathematical equation on it, which was the last thing I could see before this problem occurred.

-The portrait of Galileo has an outline of the tape recorder on it, and searching the room brings up two magnifying glasses on that location - but I can only get the dialogue for observing the portrait itself, I seem unable to access the tape recorder.

Attached are two images with what is described above.

Thanks! :)

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