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Dear Esther

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Anyone tried this yet? I just bought it and it is quite interesting. There's no real gameplay, it's a narrative. But the graphics are absolutely fantastic for being the Source Engine. Better than anything I've seen Valve do yet. It's an indie game. Apparently there's a free MOD version that you can get as well, though it doesn't have all of the features as the new commercial release.

Also, apparently every time you play through the game it's a little different and more of the story unfolds. New areas open up I guess and the narrator reveals more about the story. Quite interesting. There is a lot of just walking involved, though. It's basically a scenic tour of digital landscape while triggering narrations at different points on the map. But if you're into story and atmosphere it's done very well. Check it out. $9.99 USD.

Dear Esther Website
Steam Store Page
Free MOD version

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