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Best and Worst KQ game?

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Which are the best and worst KQ games, and why?

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  • I just hope Activision doesn't do to King's Quest what Nintendo did to Metroid. That'd be a very sad day, indeed...

  • What did Nintendo do to Metroid?

    Uh, other than the changes to the original story in Metroid Zero Mission remake?

    What's bad about them? Metroid Prime series was excellent... I even liked the Other M as far as a fun game (it took quite a bit from Fusion)...

    Granted, I don't really play Metroid games for story... I play them in the same reason I play Castlevania, for the action-adventure...

    If you want convoluted Nintendo storylines, one only needs to look at Zelda (uh two timelines?) or Mario games (about as convoluted as you can get)...

  • What the heck is wrong with Metroid? Besides Other M, I mean....

    And actually, Zelda apparently officially has 3 timelines now.

  • 3 now? WTF?

    Canonically Manannan is Mordack's older brother.

    Actually I think a few sources might have said Mordack is Manannan's older brother... Although he looks younger :p...

    I'm not sure KQ5 ever really specified on their ages... Neither did the King's Quest Companion... Just some of those advertisements for the game in Interaction, IIRC...

    There are several sources that state Mordack is the more powerful wizard...

    Actually it might be AGDI that first 'assumed' that Manannan is the 'older brother' in their fan games.

  • Heh the only Metroid game I have a problem with is Other M and mainly my issue with that game is the length - easily the shortest Metroid game I've ever played. When it ended I was totally and completely shocked at how quickly it was over. I thought it was like 1/3 of the way done and the credits were ready to roll. I wasn't happy about that.

  • I don't know, it seemed shorter than the Prime series, but I think it was quite a bit longer than most of the early Metroid games, that were designed to be beaten quickly (3 hours or less)...

    Also if you saw the initial credits, that isn't even the entire game, they make you go back in to get the final ending...

    Kind of strange for Metroid, but it reminded me of epilogue quest in Lunar 2 (that starts past the first credits)...

    In anycase, its the initial half of the game that plays more like Fusion, as far as linear travel through the ship...

    It isn't until you get into the second half of the game past the first credits, the the game opens up, and becomes more dynamic, allow free roam exploration, to find new hidden areas and challenges. The second half is better.

    BTW. Zero Mission and Fusion are probably my least favorite metroid games... Fusion primarily because its short length, and its overal linearity... Zero Mission, because I'm not that big a fan of remakes... I'd rather see new stories... It was also a bit more linear than the original Metroid (though not as much as Fusion)...

    Sigh, I hope they bring on a game set after Fusion though... I'm looking forward to be an enemy of the Federation!

  • In regards to Metroid.. I started to hate what Nintendo was doing when they introduced the Zero Suit. I really don't wanna get sucked into a tirade about that.. I'll just say that it and the general portrayal of Samus started pushing her character downhill in my eyes. Growing up I thought she was a strong female role model (unique in the gaming industry at the time), but now she's just a "dumb blonde" who makes poor decisions (lowering guard in hostile territory, panicking for no reason, frequently taking off her suit) and shows off her stuff in a skin-tight leather suit. As such, MZM is my least favourite game - although the sped-up gameplay style, unnecessary added stuff, and the fact it's a heavy-handed remake didn't help my feelings towards it. Quite unlike Lunar's remakes which were done very well and didn't feel convoluted as pandering to the lowest common denominator.

    The irony is that I enjoyed most of the gameplay. Well, except for the Devil's Run that was clearly inspired by non-Varia sections of fangames. I thought that was stupid, and Samus would never do something so reckless if she HAD the damned upgrade to begin with. That's like asking someone to go walk across a mine field but NOT use that mine detector they're carrying.

    I actually did like Metroid Prime 1-3, I just wish that 3'd had better writing cause we meet the hunters and then kill them, and there's no reason to feel sad cause we never got to know them.. unlike in say, an RPG, where we develop an understanding or familiarity with the others and feel anguish over having to kill them. The other problem I have with Prime is I can't replay them very well. I just never feel like its worth it, but that could be cause I'm not keen on FPS games in general and don't like missing scans. :p

    But Other M? Oh gods.. Fusion was my second favourite game in the series after Super; I liked it for a lot of reasons, and didn't mind the linearity cause I enjoyed the storyline. I can't even play Fusion now without seeing foreshadows of what happened in Other M. Sakamoto has practically raped Samus' character. As for length... eh, I can beat Super Metroid in like 2-3 hours, maybe 5 if I'm going for 100% and don't recall where everything is. So the fact that, if I follow a map for the extra items I don't remember, I can beat Fusion in about 2 hours doesn't bother me so much. It was also a first-gen GBA title and I know they got better with 2-D platformers as time went on. MZM was short cause it was a remake that didn't need to get made and they had to actually add material just to lengthen it out (which wasn't necessary to begin with).

    As you say, Baggins, I have been waiting for Nintendo to follow the natural course of the storyline and have Samus go against the Federation - I even attempted to come up with an appropriately fitting/decent storyline called Duality that I did some basic design documents for to keep myself occupied, though I doubt I'll ever do anything with them..

    I keep thinking Nintendo is afraid to make Fusion 2 because they're hesitant to make the "military" into the bad guy after saying what nice folks they all are in earlier games. Why else would they keep putting it off and going down alternate routes?

    ...I'm sorry I.. Metroid is one of those things I get really passionate or easily upset over. I apologize if I'm being rude. Thinking of what Samus has become as a character just drains me mentally and deeply saddens me. I didn't mean to pull the thread off topic.

  • Early Metroid games were designed to be beaten in 3 hours or less?????? WHAT?

  • Early Metroid games were designed to be beaten in 3 hours or less?????? WHAT?

    Yes, to get the best endings in early metroid games, in which Samus took her clothes off you had to beat the games fast... It wasn't about 'collecting 100%'.

    I don't know if it was an injoke toward's 'fast women'... or not...

    In the original the best ending required you to beat the game in under an hour.

    In Metroid II, the best ending required you to beat it under 3 hours.

    In Super Metroid the best ending required you to beat it under 3 hours.

    In Metroid Fusion, the best ending required you to beat it under 3 hours with 100% items.

    The best endings in Zero Mission, required beating the games (in normal or hard mode) under 2 hours with 100% items... Alternatively there are a couple of challenge endings, for beating the game with 15% of items or less (more difficult I suppose), but for those endings time was not a factor (although chances are with only 15% of items, you probably will beat the game under 2 hours, as the player isn't actively trying to collect all the secrets which is the time consuming aspect).

    Likewise, Castlevania II also mimiced Metroid in that you got best endings by beating the game quickly.

  • Yeah, that was a challenge to receive a bonus. The games weren't DESIGNED to be beaten that fast. Obviously you need to spend a LOT more than 3 hours to get to that sort of speed! Average playtime would be in the vicinity of a few months at least for new players.

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