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The BioWare / EA / Origin thread

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I couldn't readily find a thread specifically about Western RPGs or BioWare, so I made one, and expanded the title to inclue EA and Origin in case the topic changed to such.


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  • @taumel said: *lol*

    Hey, i gave my best but you know how people on the internet sometimes tend to be. Honestly, you could torture me, a bit, and i still wouldn't say DA2 is bad because it isn't, especially for adventure gamers who should be into dialogues, story telling, art, etc. Anyway as i suggested before, watch a playthrough or just buy it.

    A good adventure game isn't just a story or dialog. What's special about adventure games is that it uses these things to create new mechanics that are otherwise impossible. Adventure games and RPGs are certainly *more narrative* genres than any other, but their form of narrative is mechanically driven. If the story is solid but the mechanics are bollocks, or if the story isn't told properly *with* the mechanics, then there's no point to them.

  • I never said that it's just about that, and imo the puzzle design is a very important aspect of a adventure game, but they can be very important ingredients. So important that depending on how good they are other aspects more step into the background. But saying so the mechanics in DA2 are completely fine. Could some aspects be better? Of course. Are some so awful that you can't enjoy the game or value its strengths? In no way.

    So they took away the tactical map which makes the combats less tactical and more action oriented. The tactical map in DA was poorly designed and superfluos. They could have implemented a better 3D camera view for certain situations to enhance the current implementation but it's not a big deal because the game works good enough and you still can enjoy combats. If you care about combats than it would be much more important to improve the AI of your party members as that's were DA and DA2 lack more.

    Then they reused the levels a number of times. That's true, obviously not your first choice and it could have been done better by investing more time into the project. But they didn't reuse the levels in a completely dumb way and set them up slightly different each time. Secondly it's again nothing i really care about in the first place as i rather do something interesting in a reused environment than doing something boring in a changing one. Moreover i enjoyed walking through certain levels more than once because they were done so beautiful.

    Next stop: They reduced the micromanagement. This is a big plus on my list because the implementation in DA was cumbersome and could have been done a lot better plus i prefer progressing in a RPG in the story, dealing with characters, killing some monsters rather than clothing and unclothing party members like Barbies. This is only fun to a certain degree. At some point it starts getting work. Still in DA2 you had full control over your character and were able to customise all the aspects of your party members, except their armor.

    I could go on and on, bottom line is that a lot of the critics aren't as valid as it might sound like on a first view. And where the critics are valid it doesn't make DA2 a bad game because it's still good enough and really shines through its strengths. Saying so the german translation and voice acting was one of the best ones i've ever heard, significantly better than the original version which is really rare. The last convincing game in this respect was Bioshock.

    So, i think it is a very good game, it's not perfect but way better than some make it sound like.

  • Starting to play Mass Effect 1 again.

    Its been too long since I last played it, so I figured I might as well start again.

    Went for a mostly renegade woman with force powers as her speciality.

    Picked the ruthless spacer background.

    Should be more fun than being all goody good like last time! XD

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    OMG, all off topic posts have been deleted. How did THAT happen? :rolleyes:

  • @der_ketzer said: By the way: if this was the EA forums DM's account would have been banned by now and he would have lost all of his games on Origin...

    Which is why I created this thread here instead of asking my original question on the BioWare forums. The only thing I think I've ever posted there is a picture of what my FemShep looks like.

    edit: yep. It's on their "Share Your Shepard" thread.

    Face code: 743.19E.117.F8A.JDQ.63Q.1DA.711.B65.413.8G3.144

    ME2 import:

    ME1 screenies:


    edit again: As far as Mass Effect goes, it seems that I can only bring myself to play as FemShep while she looks like this. Whenever I hear her voice, even on other peoples' Youtube videos, I always am forced to imagine the words being spoken by this face.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    I've entered my Shepherd code in the ME3 demo and was shocked to see that she looks TOTALLY different (and, I might add, pretty stupid) there. I hope that is fixed in the final game, but I don't see much hope. :mad:

    edit: oh, I'm not alone. This is pretty much my problem. In fact, that first Shep looks so close to mine, I'd accept her as mine, while the second one is as way off as the user describes.

    But hey, that's ME1! That is quite revealing concerning your gaming habits. :D

  • @Vainamoinen said: But hey, that's ME1! That is quite revealing concerning your gaming habits. :D

    What do you mean?

    I just have played enough as this person that when I hear the voice, I see the face in my mind. Also, it helps that quite a lot of other peoples' FemSheps look retarded, so if ever I saw a video of one speaking I would always conclude that mine looked better.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    PC screenshots --> PC gamer. Not much more to be deduced. ;)

  • Thinking of the Bioware forums, quite some game forums are rather ugly, especially when considering how professional non gaming forums are designed since years. Some US sites still seem to enjoy confusing their users with muddled designs, lots of images, bang boom bang colours and things like that. I think it was the Runic Games forum a few weeks ago where i felt kind of lost and thought, Rams for sure is a name they never heard of before. Looking at the avatars many gamers use, i doubt they have a decent taste as well, so maybe they just get what they deserve.

  • lvCb6.jpg

    Terminous is his name, killing Jedi is his game.

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