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Rate the Last Game You Finished

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Title says it all. Rate the last video game you completed.

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future - 9.5/10

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  • Batman Arkham Asylum 9/10

    The perfect Batman experience. Why only 9 points?

    ° I hated Crocks lair
    ° the way they introduced the tool on "5" (forgot the name)
    ° I had to look up one puzzle because there was no way I would have found it otherwise. (the others had those nice riddler-maps)

    What I really liked:
    + all the character bios. I never read the comics and hadn't heard of most of these guys before so I really appreciated the infos on the bad guys
    + the Scarecrow-segments (the start of the third one really freaked me out)
    + collecting stuff
    + the Joker!

  • Mass Effect 1: 8/10

    + Great main story
    + Good replayability
    + import your save to ME2 to carry over your decisions in ME1.
    + Okay length (42 -43 hours, first Playthrough with both DLC packs available)
    + Was everything I wanted it to be
    + Tali!
    + One free DLC pack that is really good (Bring Down The Sky)
    + Girl on "Monogender with boobs" sex scene!
    + FemSheps voice
    + Great settings for the areas in the main missions
    + Driving on the moon in the Mako

    +/- both main bad guy and girl weren't really bad. I really have no opinion on that one...

    - Horrible textures on most of the clothes / armor (low detail).
    - The pay to play DLC pack is complete garbage and can only be bought on Origin.
    - You decide who doesn't make it to ME2+3 and you have to let one of them behind. (thank god I didn't like one of them)
    - stores only sell crap, I hit the maximum amount of credits pretty quick
    - boring side missions in one of 4 base-layouts to choose from.
    - side missions without any kind of reward (collect X of Y)
    - really short main story line.
    - You cannot reach maximum level on the first playthrough. WTF!
    - A strange bug that made my crew look like this in 2 different areas of the game.

  • Do we count mods? 'cause that would be Invasion: Xidia's Fall II for the original Unreal. Not that great.

    Otherwise, it would be Drake of the 99 Dragons, my opinion of which I expressed pretty well in my video review. If you need a score though, I'd give it a 2/10 (The Crow: City of Angels: The Game being a resounding 1).

  • @der_ketzer said:
    - really short main story line.

    Popping into this thread for the first time in a very long while to say that the game should easily take around 15 hours by my guessing, which seems perfectly reasonable in today's climate of "6 hours and above seem A-OK".

  • Beat Assassins Creed: Revelations.

    Yep keeping that short and broad, but thats the truth
    The little tower defence game was pretty fun.

    Missions. Some are excellent like AC2s, some are retarded like AC:Bs. Missions that I remember the most are the final boss/parachute funtime, and the improv singing with Ezio on the good side. Bad side includes all forced stealth missions ever in the game.
    Desmonds odd first person missions were put in strangely, but they functioned and never really were that difficult, and you unlock the ability to play as desmond main game, so its cool.

    FFS the bonus objectives were made by idiots. Just remove them in AC3, they've failed twice now. Now they are stupid in that what I call passing is what they call failing. For instance "Don't take damage" I consider that when my health bar stays the same or goes up during the mission. It doesn't and I somehow failed when I had full health all the way through, or don't get caught. Again getting caught is considered the guy who dies less then a second later seeing your blade, when I call getting caught is when at least someone attacks you. I get the mentally slow need jobs too, but I don't think writing these objectives are what they should be doing. EDIT:Just want to add the final mission in terms of another stupid objective. Kill 20 guards. I kill every guard it throws at me and I still fail?

    The assassins are just as boring as ever. Yes the master assassin missions are cool and all, but does the text based minigame on sending them across the country really neccesary? Can we at least get a clip of their mission and not "yep, they win" while you are playing?

    You can't play the tower-defence minigame by choice, it has to be when the templars attack, and then if you make your assassins master, they don't ever attack, so that minigame is done maybe 3 times total.

  • @Ribs said: Popping into this thread for the first time in a very long while to say that the game should easily take around 15 hours by my guessing, which seems perfectly reasonable in today's climate of "6 hours and above seem A-OK".

    Sorry but that's not the kind of game-length I would expect from Bioware. 44 hours including all sidequest I could find and all DLC. Including exploring planets for minerals medallions etc. I must have explred every planet I can. And it's still shorter than my first playthrough of SW-KOTOR which had a bigger main quest line, better sidequests and a better setting.

  • Mass Effect 2

    + Great replayability.
    + Tali
    + 11 Loyalty missions that stretch the game out
    + import your save to ME2 to carry over your decisions in ME1.
    + improved Galaxy map with "Questmarkers" (that sometimes block your view)
    + more realism with the ammo system & fuel system
    + Solid main story but....

    - ...Really short. It was 44 hours again (as ME1). Already including all the payed DLC, that I paid about 4 times the price of the main game for...
    - Completely new crew except for Tali and Liara in 1 mission. (Don't tell me Garrus is back he was so annoying in combat I only picked him once. This was not Garrus.)
    - No more Mako. The Firewalker missions are a minor compensation for that.
    - Boring resource scanning.
    - Almost no planet exploration
    - No more XP for killing enemies. You get a set amount at the end of missions.
    - Fewer skills for characters
    - Weapon stats? I haven't seen any. Taking a gun to battle is a risk. --> One of the heavy ones requires a lot of ammo upgrades so you can even fire it once. Choose it and get fucked over without warning
    - No real armour system
    - Medigel no longer heals you
    - The game is not really needed in the series. It has the same end as ME1. There is nothing important gained from it.

    I will rate the DLC packs separately. The main game without DLCs gets 7/10. Disappointing compared to ME1 but a good game.

  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Mass Effect 2. DLC Packs & CE Extras: 5/10 for non DLC, 8/10 DLC

    Collector's Edition extras, non DLC:
    +/- Art book (+) & Comic (#1 of 4 buy the other 3 to get the whole story (-))
    +/- A Soundtrack (+) that only features 35 minutes of music. Buy the rest now on iTunes & (-)

    - A 25 minute video commercial for a game I bought (ME2). Not what I expected at all.

    The DLC extras:
    Collector's Armour: Was by far the best armour in the game for me. I tried others but always went back to this one. I did like the look of that thing but I do understand if others don't. Reactions to this look would have been nice though.
    Collector Assault Rifle: Highly overpowered. Never replaced this with something. Other ARs might have had more damage (who knows there are no Weapon stats :mad: but this one had no recoil.

    M-29 Incisor Sniper Rifle: Fires 3 shots at once. Extremely overpowered. Never needed any other sniper rifle.

    These items are highly overpowered and really help on higher difficulty levels.

    Cerberus Network 7.5/10 (free or 1200 Points if you bought a used copy of the game)

    This is a pack that encourages you to buy the game new. There are a lot of bits in here that are really worth the price. If you get the game in a good Steam sale it will be considerably cheaper than buying the pack on it's own.

    Normandy Crash site: I nice little mission. Collect dogtags, find minerals and place a memorial site.

    Zaeed - The Price of Revenge: A new teammember including an okay mission. No real dialogue after that which was a bit disappointing. Why can't I have a nice talk with the DLC crew-members?

    Cerberus Armour: Never used it. Good choice for soldiers if you don't have the CE Armour.

    M-22 Eviscerator Shotgun: Good Shotty for people that don't want the Firepower DLC Pack.

    Arc Projector: Good heavy Weapon, I preferred another one though.

    Firewalker Pack: 5 short missions that let you control the Firewalker. Interesting but you don't miss much.

    Firepower DLC Pack 160 Points 10/10

    This pack includes 5 really good guns so you will never have to choose anything else. :D Even the price is quite good.

    M-5 Phalanx Pistol: really good pistol.

    M-96 Mattock AR: Tried it once and went back to the Collectors AR.

    Geth Plasma Shotgun: You can charge it up to shoot 3 projectiles but only consuming 1 bullet. Highly overpowered beast-gun. Real life-saver in many mission if ammo is rare.

    Equalizer Pack 160 Points 5/10
    I got this one for my next playthrough when I will pick a class that can actually use this pack. But even then I'm not sure if I wouldn't rather keep the Collector's Armour.

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