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Sam & Max Character Alignments

posted by Tora Newton Y. on - last edited - Viewed by 1.5K users

(Don't look if you haven't finished The Devil's Playhouse yet, there's spoilers here!)

I was thinking about character alignments the other day, and of course, my mind happened to wander to how the characters of Sam & Max would fit in. So I had the urge to make this!


These are just some definitive ones I could think of, with the character who first came to mind when thinking about the different alignments, or what that character's alignment would be... or that fit close enough.
I really wanted to put Papierwaite on here, but he actually goes through several alignments throughout Season 3! He starts out Neutral Evil in 302, then becomes Chaotic Neutral in 303. By 304 and 305, when he's not an antagonist anymore, he settles out to Lawful Neutral (mostly thanks to Norrington!).
Where do you think other characters would fit in as far as alignments on this scale?

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