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Jurassic Park preorder / refond / reorder - issue-57208

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Hi guys,

I already tried to contact support a week ago, but apart from an immediate autoreply ("this case has been assigned the code 'issue-57208'") I didn't get any answer 'till now.

What happened so far:
I preordered Jurassic Park back in December 2010.
In April 2011 I was offered a full refund, because the release was delayed.
I haven't claimed that refund yet (assuming I could still use it as credit when buying other Telltale games).

The question:
Now I'd like to order Jurassic Park again; can I convert that (yet unclaimed) refund to a shop credit (or use it in a similar way) to pay for the game?

Kind regards,

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  • Hi,

    You were sent a response last week. Maybe it's in your spam folder?

    You were given a voucher good for any game in our store, which you used to purchase Puzzle Agent 2. I apologize, but we will not be able to give you another voucher.


  • Thanks for the reply, Michael.

    I double-checked my spam folder and didn't find that response. But I cannot rule out that I hadn't accidentally deleted it already. If it isn't too much trouble, I'd ask you to just send that mail again.

    Yes, I've already used the voucher. However I considered that as an additional bonus to the refund:
    This is from the first mail I got - quote from the last paragraph: "In addition to your refund we are also giving you your choice of any Telltale game free of charge"

    The followup mail (2 days later - 2011-04-28) then stated:

    Since you ordered Jurassic Park: The Game over 60 days ago we can no longer refund the original purchase directly to your credit card. Instead we can offer your choice of a refund via Paypal, store credit or a physical check. Please reply to this email letting us know which option is best for you. If you've selected Paypal please make sure to include your paypal email addresss. If you're electing to get a physical check please include the address you'd like it mailed to.

    Here is a gift code for a free game of your choice: #######

    (that last gift code I used up for Puzzle Agent 2)

    Please advise.. did I a) just get that wrong (i.e. the gift code *being* the refund), b) should I just go ahead and claim the refund by replying to that mail, or c) can you convert that to shop credit directly ?

    Kind regards,

  • You didn't reply to that email when it was sent last April? We needed information from you to process the actual refund. If you'd like, I can just add Jurassic Park to your account now.

  • That is correct, I never replied to that mail (that's what I meant by not having claimed the refund yet), assuming that as long as I didn't request a cashout it would just remain as store credit.

    If you could just add Jurassic Park to my account, that would be perfect!

    Thanks for the quick reply!
    Kind regards, Alex.

  • You should have it now, but let me know if it's not showing up.

  • That worked like a charm - JP is in my account now and I already downloaded it without any problems.

    Sincere thanks for excellent customer support!

    Kind regards, Alex.

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